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Letters to the Editor 11/12

Thank you, Dean Heller, for fighting bad bill

I want to express my sincere thanks to Dean Heller for his efforts to kill the bill in the House. He is one of the few voices of reason in the House and I will continue to support his efforts.

This bill is a farce and shouldn’t have been passed. If you think we have high unemployment now, just wait if the bill is actually put into effect. It doesn’t address the issues – it simply gives the socialistic/marxist Democrats more power in controlling our lives.

I will be contacting my senators and every other senator and will let Harry Reid know that I will do everything I can to assist his defeat because of his position on this bill, cap and tax and Yucca mountain. He has forgotten that he represents everyone in Nevada, not just the liberal left who have no personal responsibility or respect for the electorate.

Char Coburn

Washoe Valley

Reform allows all to pursue American dream

On Saturday the House of Representatives took a major step forward in the protection of Americans by passing H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act.

Many consider this to be a road to ruin and one more spend your way out of trouble policy. I am one of many who consider it to be a long overdue step toward protecting the American way of life from insurance industry greed.

If any of you have had the misfortune of being laid off like I did, you will know just how kind the COBRA option is. Spending $800 for a family of two per month when you have just been laid off is just not realistic.

People who can’t get insurance coverage get treated in emergency rooms when their health finally goes. This is the most expensive way to get treatment, and who do you think gets stuck with the majority of that bill?

You might say this bill is far from perfect. I would not disagree, but we already know what we have if we do nothing: People living on the streets because they couldn’t get coverage due to cost or a pre-existing condition, who lost everything to a major health issue.

This bill isn’t about handouts or government takeover. It is about giving everyone a chance to prosper in life and to once again believe in the American Dream.

Greg Hendricks

Carson City

Heller propagates lies about health reform

Congressman Heller: Your reasons for voting against the people’s health care bill are completely false.

1. $500 billion cut from Medicare – False. Actually these funds are cut from excess administration costs and excess profits paid to private Medicare Advantage companies and fraud reduction.

2. Will cover illegal immigrants – False. The bill specifically forbids illegals from participating.

3. Will cause the loss of 5 million jobs – False. You should know about this since Republicans presided over the loss of 7 million jobs from 2007 to 2009. But the bill will actually create new jobs as the U.S. health care system gears up to finally support the American people. This combined with the stimulus will continue to pull us out of this GOP great recession.

On Saturday, Nov. 7, a bipartisan majority of the House of Representatives made history by passing H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act. Dean Heller chose to vote against the people of Nevada for political reasons that have been proven to be sound-bite lies over and over.

Let’s finally end the lies and get on with governing. The GOP would do well to move on from being the party of no and sound-bite lies.

Michael Ray

Incline Village

Rep. Heller, please don’t block health reform

I had insurance when my children were young; they moved on in life and I lost my job. Now my husband and I have no insurance.

I am amazed at the fight against health care reform for all Americans. Rep. Heller, please listen to our plea when we say, “Help us!”

We are afraid that the people with health care and money have forgotten about the people with nothing.

Donna L. Carroll