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Letters to the Editor 11/21

Rep. Dean Heller, we are counting on you

On Saturday, Nov. 7, when the House of Representatives voted on the Affordable Health Care for America Act, Dean Heller voted ‘no.’

Finally we have a chance to get health reform, which so many of our citizens desperately need, and we need a ‘yes’ vote next time around. There will be one more chance to vote to provide this help for our people.

This will be a huge accomplishment for this Congress, and one that will make history. Finally, a bill that will help the people of our country that so desperately need health care.

Please vote for the health care bill when it again passes through the house, Rep. Heller. We are counting on you to help the many people in our own neighborhoods who are unable to get health care right now.

Arlene Couts


Congressman did right in voting no on reform

Thank you Congressman Dean Heller for voting no to the so-called health care reform bill recently passed by the House. You are in good company with former Democrat and now Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman from Connecticut who says he’ll do everything in his power to prevent this monstrosity of a bill from passing in the Senate. The senator believes this bill will bankrupt the country.

Anyone who believes the government will meet the bill’s price tag doesn’t know the history and reality of government programs or doesn’t care about the consequences. This is a Democrat bill written for Democrats: bigger government and higher taxes.

Congress can do better. Let’s work for health industry reform that’s bi-partisan and fiscally responsible.

Thomas H. Grayson

Carson City

Insurance companies not on the up-and-up

Insurance is a socialist institution. Theoretically, there are enough healthy people paying into a system to care for the few sick. So, if you have insurance, you are participating in a socialist system.

The part of insurance that is not socialist is the part where insurance companies spend millions of dollars bribing our politicians into allowing insurance companies to write contracts that don’t really give you health care – even after you have paid insurance premiums for years.

We need health care reform so that we can just get what we pay for.

Chris Sircello


Elected officials: Don’t take away our Social Security

Save Social Security for American seniors who worked hard to make the U.S. a number one country. Now, do you want your medical history put into a computer so the doctors in the whole country have access to it? And if you are elderly and ill, you may not get treated, as you’re going to die anyway. We have all paid for our keep. Only God has his will when he wants us.

How in the world could we elect such a bunch of birdbrains into office? Do you trust our president and congressional liberals to save our Social Security and Medicare from bankruptcy? Do we need all government-run retirement benefits? Do you agree that without our conservative leaders in Congress fighting the liberals, your Social Security is in jeopardy?

Get your letters in to save Social Security. Write your congressman. That’s why we elected these officials – to help us, not to take away our civil rights. I am 98 years old and no doctor is going to say how long I can live.

Alice Beck

Carson City

Heller voted in best interest of U.S.A.

It seems that today’s newspaper was devoted to the Democratic party on the opinion page. There were three letters blaming Mr. Heller of killing the health care bill.

No folks, he voted in the best interest of the U.S.A. This is a bill that will assure the Dems they will be in power forever. This is changing our country from what the Constitution says, to a Marxist Socialism-type of government.

All the letters indicate that the writers would like for the U.S. government to control their lives from birth to death – give me, give me.

Folks, we the taxpayers furnish the money for this government that wants to control our lives. People, read the Constitution.

Bill Beil

Carson City