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Letters to the editor 12-10

Japanese carmakers should take over Big 3

Idea ” have the management of Toyota take over General Motors, Honda take over Ford and Nissan take over Chrysler. I’ll bet in a year or two they will be producing quality cars with American workers that can compete in the world market.


Carson City

Yucca Mountain a threat to future Nevadans

The pros and cons regarding Yucca Mountain are endless. It was in the late 1980s when all eyes were turned toward the State of Nevada ” think about it ” a small state with two new senators. There was Texas and the state of Washington with powerful leadership, as compared to our own little state of Nevada. Included in this mixture was the powerful nuclear industry pushing all the way to Nevada and Yucca Mountain.

There are advantages to Yucca Mountain in that it is in a remote area along side the Nevada test site, wherein there had been nuclear testing. Think about human exposure during the next 10,000 years. Fractured rock that will provide a path down to the water table. Think also about the mountain as it sits quietly at this moment in isolation, but we have had earthquakes and this area is located in the southwestern Nevada volcanic field. There are a maze of faults and fractures beneath this mountain which make it difficult to model flow pathways.

Now let’s discuss the Quality Assurance Department at Bechtel Saic and the lack of inspections in that department. Here we have a multi-million dollar corporation, hired by the Department of Energy to oversee the facility and its capabilities, and this huge corporation “flubbed it.” Can you believe it ” no inspections? Well, it took a couple of years, but finally Bechtel Saic will no longer be in the picture.

Now, we the ordinary people of our own State of Nevada are supposed to rely on the Department of Energy so that future generations of Nevadans will be safe from exposure and from high-level nuclear hazardous waste at the Nevada test site.


Carson City

Anti-nuke message hoodwinks Nevadans

Concerning Bob Loux: Why is he not being prosecuted? Is it not a crime to take what is not rightfully yours from your employer? Is that not called embezzlement? Is he going to get away with taking the taxpayers’ money with a slap on the wrist? He has been milking the taxpayers now for some 30 years on a wild nuke chase. He has wasted millions on job security for himself and his helpers, spreading the myths of nuclear danger to the people of Nevada.

Most adults now know that there is no such thing as nuclear waste, instead that the so-called waste is in fact a valuable resource that we are being offered for free, which can be recycled and sold back to the source from which it came. The fact is that the people of Nevada are being hoodwinked by ignoramuses, who if they are successful could cost billions of lost income for the state of Nevada.

I do not think that Bob Loux is an ignoramus, I think that he knows exactly what he is doing, but is doing it anyway. I am not so sure about our senators, though.

Merritt k. yochum

Carson City

Carson lost great humanitarian

It is appropriate to give tribute to the passing of a great Native American Cherokee, Joe Braswell. 

In the more than 20 years I have known him, I found him to be a true servant of his fellow man. He was a Methodist, serving several small mission churches. He moved into social work, earning degrees and certifications. Needy people, regardless of race, became the focus of his work. 

Until he became physically unable to work, he served at a volunteer intake and referral desk at F.I.S.H. He was a qualified counselor. Clients who were served by Joe were served in a holistic manner. He paid attention to the spiritual side of needy people. Many times he and I agreed that many needy people had greater spiritual needs, that if solved, would lead them to lives of independence and self-sufficiency. 

Joe will be sorely missed. His wonderful wife, Ruth, has lost a part of her soul, but the faith they shared will reunite them again. 

God bless you Joe.


Carson City