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Letters to the editor 12-12

Proposal: More

unemployed politicians

In a recent edition your lead story was about Harry Reid and his lack of favorability. I was not surprised by the results and as far as his television ads, every time one comes on, I hit the mute button. I have never cared for Harry and his brand of politics and I do hope he will be gone in 2010.

He does not realize that the health care plan the Democrats shoved through the House and the recent one in the Senate which will be shoved down our throats is not a very popular item with mainstream America. Harry is a die-hard Democrat who will do what the party wants and will blow off the state of Nevada to be the hero of the party.

He is spending a large sum of money trying to tell the state about all of the good he has done, and we are too smart to buy off on his Democratic rhetoric. He is supporting a health care bill that will drive this country into bankruptcy and, in my opinion, he does not care.

The Democrats believe in big government and they want to tax us to the point of paying for all of their entitlements. I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I’m sick of supporting entitlements, and more people should be paying their own way. But here again we cannot because the Obama administration has done nothing to fix unemployment. We need more unemployed politicians.

Bill Pyatt


Someday you, too,

will be a senior

I can’t believe there are people who still think the proposed health care legislation will deny health care to illegal aliens.

First of all, previous legislation already exists which dictates emergency rooms cannot refuse to treat anyone who comes in for treatment.

Secondly, the United States has no existing national ID card that is obtained by showing proof of citizenship. Possession of a driver’s license is merely that, no proof required.

At this point in time, the only document that requires proof of citizenship is the passport. Do you think enough people have passports to make that practical?

So, how are medical facilities going to deny treatment to illegals? Yes, Obama lied, or he is extremely ignorant of the current medical, ID and illegal issues in the United States.

Additionally, supporters of the health care legislation insist that the mention of a death board is merely the reference to a counseling service for seniors who have a terminal condition. In reality, at least in the House version, a government bureaucrat will decide whether seniors will receive treatment based on their age and the cost of the treatment. If you are OK with that, remember that someday you will be a senior.

Look around; how many seniors do you see still being productive, working, paying taxes, volunteering at various organizations? It is absolutely unconscionable for AARP to endorse that provision.

I have read the entire House version, have you? Are you going to read the Senate version before you form an opinion?

Don Gurney

Carson City

When is Congress

going to wake up?

Sending an additional 30,000-plus troops to Afghanistan is a really serious waste of time and money and, more important, America is in a country we have absolutely no idea how to fix.

We are never going to get rid of the Taliban or al-Qaida. Let’s pull out. When is the Congress going to wake up? It is a well-known fact that their country is corrupt and we are wasting billions on it.

Charles L. Sheldon


Only a fool could

love health care bill

I am usually tolerant of other people’s opinions and try to understand their reasoning on issues important to us all. However, I have had it with the liberal spin regarding health care that has recently dominated the Appeal’s editorial pages.

There is no doubt that we need meaningful health care reform. However, to blindly endorse the bills that are currently being debated in the House and Senate is pure lunacy. If you subscribe to the liberals’ spin, you would think the proposed legislation will cure all of our country’s health care problems. Wrong!

When you read the proposed legislation, it is clear that more problems will be created than are solved. No less ridiculous are the claims by liberals that Dean Heller voted for insurance companies or he prefers that children die from lack of proper medical care. Give me a break! Dean Heller should be commended for resisting the Democrats’ lousy legislation.

As Frank Garbutt has written, “The man who questions opinions is wise; the man who quarrels with facts is a fool.” I say to all the liberals who twist and ignore the facts when touting the proposed health care legislation and in condemning Dean Heller, you are fools!

Gary Thompson