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Letters to the editor 12-20

School ads could

support programs

Schools across Nevada are in need of money. In November, the school board had to cut 10 percent from each school’s budget. According to one report, the cuts resulted in a loss of nearly $250,000.

Recently, the school board suggested ideas on how to balance the school’s budget such as dipping into the school’s cash reserve and making staff cuts. This could drastically turn Nevada schools into low-quality schools and encourage further dropout rates through the lack of materials, staff and morale among teachers.

This deficit could be avoided if schools were to tap into another asset: Students. Schools house students six hours of the day and contain perfect places for advertisements. Non-interruptive spaces such as school events, buses and hallways could garner much needed capital.

Money from advertisements has worked for schools in the past. For example, the Sweetwater Union High School District has agreed to advertise with nearly 300 national and local businesses. This advertisement money has started sports teams and assisted intramural programs at 12 middle schools. In New York, school boards are bringing in millions for schools by selling off ad space on school buses. These and many other schools are taking a smart approach to filling the deficit in these hard economic times.

After all, the school’s main goal should be to provide its students with the necessary means to gain a quality education. Without a supplementary income, schools will suffer and ultimately our students will, too.

Skylar Greenman

Carson City

Doughnut hole

needs to close

In 2007, 3.4 million Medicare recipients fell into the “doughnut hole” responsible for covering their entire drug costs, but also required them to pay their Medicare Part D premiums.

I am in the hole right now because my prescription provider pays top dollar for my medications. I must resort to buying my prescriptions in Canada because they are less expensive there, even while having to continue paying my Part D premiums. This is really unfair.

I urge everyone to contact their senators and tell them to close the doughnut hole now.

Barbara LeBlanc


A call to arms

for military support

I would like to alert the loyal citizens of the United States of America of the weakening of our military and its inability to defend us against aggression.

Our current administration under our president and the Socialists that control our Congress are opening our country to attacks and aggression from our enemies and terrorists.

The Obama administration is causing grave concern among our allies as to where our country is heading. The cutback in our military, including our missile defense program, is a huge mistake. Who is going to protect our citizens and the security of our country?

I am appealing to all of our veteran organizations – the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and all other related veteran organizations – as well as all veterans and active military personnel to join in a campaign against the anti-military attitude of our president and members of Congress as soon as possible.

I am an 83-year-old veteran of two wars and a patriot. God bless and protect our country.

Melvin A. Moore


Harry’s at it again

Well, well, well, good ol’ boy scandalous Harry Reid and his political machine are at it again. When will Nevadans wise up and throw this bum out? Is it not enough the corrupt senator illegally paid his staff Christmas bonuses out of campaign funds at his Ritz-Carlton condo a couple of years ago? How about trying to embarrass and demoralize our brave men and women in uniform by telling us the war is lost before the successful surge in Iraq?

And let’s not forget the sweet $1.1 million profit Harry made by selling land he hadn’t even owned for three years, according to the property deeds. Reid broke the law by not reporting the land transfer to a friend, Jay Brown, on mandatory senate financial disclosure forms.

And now, “Pinky” and his willing accomplice, Catherine Cortez-Masto, violated Brian Krolicki and his chief aide in the worst way. In a blatant attempt to falsely accuse Krolicki of a crime and smear his reputation, Reid at least succeeded in derailing Krolicki’s challenge for his senate seat. Even the judge, while dismissing the charges, said this was a partisan witchhunt.

Dan Cerda


Carson leadership

envy of neighbor

Thank you for your articles on Carson downtown economic and cultural development. You don’t realize and don’t appreciate leadership until you don’t have it.

Dear Carson residents, please support your elected leaders and continue to elect leaders that support a mindset that says “When there is turmoil there is opportunity.”

Carson seems to have developed a motto “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” You say that each new development must add to the value of your community and value to the region. Carson is clearly becoming a destination town for all age groups. You are building a community that wants to advance with core services such as transportation, education and better paying jobs. How you live and think in the present will define your future.

Perhaps residents of Dayton will support Carson projects. Where else will our residents find better paying jobs, shopping, entertainment and cultural activities for young and old?

In Lyon County we elect only those who believe in “No Can Do.” Our politicians mindset is: “Not now, maybe never and don’t even think about it.”