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Letters to the editor 12-9

Anonymous angel’s gift will help many seniors

On Saturday, Nov. 28, someone put a $100 bill into the tip jar at the Carson City Senior Center Thrift Store. At closing, the donation was discovered and the surprise was totally unexpected.

Not knowing who the generous person might be and with no way to say thank you, this letter is the only way that we have to say thank you.

Profits from our sales go toward senior services and Meals on Wheels to seniors who have limited access to shopping and cooking for themselves.

Your $100 will be going to a very good cause and our seniors will receive the benefit. Whoever you are, you are an angel.

Thomas Birdwell

Carson City

A win for conservatives will be a win for all

This is in response to Dr. Paslov’s column in which he states that conservatives are more concerned with winning than helping. His head-in-the-sand attitude fails to understand that conservatives winning will be helping.

Dr. Paslov goes on to state the policies that President Obama campaigned on and for which the ill-advised majority voted. They are:

• Re-regulating a broken financial/banking industry.

• Regaining international respect by kowtowing to foreign potentates and apologizing for perceived negative American policies.

• Stemming the rate of job loss that has risen over 4 percent nationwide and nearly doubled here in Nevada in the year since the president was elected.

• Creating new high-tech jobs, which are being curtailed by excessive taxes on small businesses.

• Establishing health care for all, which will cripple the health care industry to years to come.

• Improving our nation’s education system is something that needs to be done but not in the manner in which I am sure Dr. Paslov espouses.

• Developing new strategies in Afghanistan but not in the foot-dragging of President Obama and his predecessor.

I know that I am not the expert on political matters that Dr. Paslov believes himself to be. But as a retired Marine (27 years) and as an educator (18 years and counting), I do have a pretty good grasp of our situation. I have my fears that we are heading down the wrong path, but I also have my hopes that we will find the right path.

Cliff Yeater


Abortion is murder,

no matter what you call it

Nikki Campbell, FYI many people oppose abortion, not just religious or Christian people. Abortion is murder, and many people, being civilized humans, are opposed to murder; we even murder other people as punishment for murdering someone else. It is even considered a double murder if a pregnant woman is murdered.

However, for some odd reason, when it comes to abortion we call the unborn a fetus and that makes it all right for the mother to terminate the pregnancy. Using words like “fetus” and “terminate” and “selection,” etc., doesn’t change the act of abortion, but it does sound so much nicer to the ears of sensitive, civilized people, doesn’t it?

If everyone really thought it was OK to “terminate the life of a fetus,” they wouldn’t have to try to mask the act with fancy words.

Kathleen Kelly