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Letters to the Editor 12/30

A kind word from competitor for new shop

I don’t usually send compliments to a competitor, but I think the Nugget has done an exceptional job with their French pastry shop.

As an unofficial tester, I think the Napoleons were crunchy and flaky on the outside with a delicious creamy filling. And the pistachio macaroons were as good as in Paris. My favorite is the chocolat amande croissant with a steamy espresso. What a great hostess gift!

And grab a few baguettes and a loaf of their olive bread on your way out. The prices are comparable to Starbucks, and Le Nougat has free WiFi. Carson City has a delicious new indulgence. I will see you there!

Kristy Servati

Horseshoe Club

Carson City

We are repeating same mistakes of past wars

Thank God and our Nevada Appeal for Sgt. Underhill’s rendition of “Our War in Our Day,” and our gallant men and women risking their lives and health performing tasks of futility required for no reason, according to bureaucratic edit.

This sounds exactly like it did in Vietnam. I remember Ernie Pyle’s letters home.

America, get your heads up where they belong. This generation deserves better than this half-baked, less-than-half-prepared-for, or supplied-to, excuse for a war.

Why isn’t all this fancy new information capability getting practiced by those who are mentally and physically responsible for performing all the intellectual direction and supply-and-demand duties?

Why do our enlisted personnel have to be at the mercy of ineffectual and uninformed officer personnel? War in and war out, just tell me why.

If we are so smart, why are we repeating over and over again, the same stupid mistakes?

Nikki Campbell

Carson City

Foolish spenders now want health care handout

This letter is the main tip to those who want government to pay for their medical care. First of all, government does not have any money of its own, so guess who gets stuck with the tab?

My wife has required several surgeries on her arm, and surgeries generally require a pre-surgery blood test. This was the case in the most recent surgical event, and my wife has now been notified by some non-medically trained misfit bureaucrat that this blood test was not necessary, so she is stuck with the bill.

This is only a minor example of what to expect if the Communist-run administration is successful in getting the now-Eurocrat majority to pass this very ill-advised health care proposal, which, by the way, does not apply to politicians or bureaucrats.

Rather than buy unaffordable autos and dwellings, among other unaffordable items, why didn’t you folks with your hands outstretched rein in your foolish spending and buy health protection like the rest of us did?

Vernon M. Latshaw


Letter to the editor a sad counterpoint to story

What rotten luck and bad timing that Joycegale Ramos’ letter (Dec. 4) “Health care a privilege for those who earn it” appears on the same day as the front page story about Wendy Robards.

Ms. Ramos must be so embarrassed to compare her letter full of righteous indignation about who has earned the right to health care to the story of a woman who has done so much for others and now needs help because she has no insurance.

The comparison is devastating and Ms. Ramos has my condolences.

Marilyn Madrigal

Carson City

Harry Reid’s son just like dad – no good

I nearly blew my coffee through my nose this morning, Dec. 18, when I read this article: “Rory Reid, the front-running Democratic candidate for governor, called Thursday for stronger ethics laws and changes designed to make government more transparent and accountable to Nevadans.”

His daddy, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), is the poster boy for corruption and treason as he slithers through the halls of the U.S. Senate. As I write this, Reid is crafting the president’s death care bill behind closed doors. Transparency? Accountability? Ethics? – Please.

Can there be any doubt that little Rory learned at his daddy’s knee? When I thought that Harry’s whelp has even the remotest chance to be our next governor, I felt sick.

J. R. Arndell