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Letters to the editor

Election killed the Republican Party

What we experienced in this National Election is the death of the Republican Party. The Republican Party is no longer conservative, in fact, if a member is conservative he would not get any support from the party. As a result of infiltration by liberal Democrats there is absolutely no difference between the parties and the reason why a lot people do not vote. If anyone thinks that either Bush or McCain is conservative, I have a bridge for sale. What can the people of this country expect in the future, the advancement of more Socialism and Socialism breeds Communism and totalitarianism.



Columnist needs to read a history book

Abigail Johnson has a lot of gall to say that Obama’s victory is “bringing back our flag as a symbol of hope, not oppression, here and abroad.” Obama won’t even salute the flag she speaks of! Don’t believe me? There’s a picture of him not doing it and it’s authentic. It was published in Time magazine and was taken Sept. 9, 2007. It’s all over the Internet. Just Google it. Obama also replaced the American flag with the Obama Logo on his 757 jet. I’m not making this stuff up either. Look it up for yourself!

If the American flag has been such a “symbol of oppression” to Ms. Johnson and her “friends here and abroad,” maybe she should be honest enough to ask herself just exactly how oppressed she really is! Our flag exists because a lot of true patriots were willing to fight and die so that even people such as Ms. Johnson could have the right to spew her venom without being persecuted or imprisoned for it!

If she is so oppressed, maybe she ought to look at the lives of some of the other women among her so-called “friends abroad.” When was the last time you were fitted for a burka Ms. Johnson? When was the last time you were imprisoned for your political views? Just give it some time. A few years from now, after your president and his Marxist cronies have systematically dismantled your bill of rights, maybe you’ll finally understand that being “overcome by the words” of a “wry smiled” charismatic politician, is exactly why your freedom no longer exists. Don’t think it can happen? Just crack open a history book, and actually read it!


Carson City

Columnist hits new low

Abigail Johnson’s column “Obama Gives Me Hope” is a new low, but not because I do not share her hope, as I do.

Rather, she gives unintended insight to her lack of objectivity in two specific examples in the very first paragraph. First, she says she was “reluctant” to fly the flag for eight years on Veteran’s Day because she did not want to show support for the current administration. Does she not realize flying the flag is in support of the troops, not the President? Since she didn’t want to fly the flag for the entire eight years of the administration, she should share with us what the administration did in just the first year that made her not want to fly the flag.

There was nothing done prior to Veterans Day, 2001, that should have convinced anyone not to the fly the flag. The “corruption and oppression” certainly hadn’t occurred, so why choose not to fly the flag? Let’s at least be honest, if not objective. Abigail hated George Bush, so she didn’t fly the flag, period. She should attempt to make it sound noble, or intellectual, because it is neither. She didn’t show respect or support for the troops because she hated the President. That is simply pathetic.

Her political views displace objectivity not only in writing, but apparently in her life, as well. After such an obvious lack of objectivity, it is difficult to view anything she writes as objective.


Carson City

Don’t balance budget on backs of state workers

Concerning Gov. Gibbons idea about cutting state worker salaries; I do not understand. He is concerned about burdening Nevadans in such a tough economic time, but what about the state workers? The average state worker is not paid at an inflated rate of pay for the job that they do. In fact many positions pay less than a worker can make in the private sector.

Dennis Mallory of the American Federation of Federal, State and Municipal Employees, said Gibbons rejected the idea of raising taxes because it would be irresponsible to increase the burden on Nevadans during this time of economic crisis. What about the burden of the state workers?

The State of Nevada is the largest employer in Nevada, but still, why balance the budget shortfall on the backs of state workers? If we have to tighten our belts, all of us should tighten our belts, not just make state workers pay the entire bill.

The cost of running the Government is enormous, but in order to provide the services it does for all of the citizens, the cost must be met. Departments have already cut where they can and keep the same quality of service. Reducing state employee wages does not seem fair. It is easy for Gov. Gibbons to say he will take a cut; he already has money he can fall back on. Most of us state workers do not.

Saying that, I personally would rather take a cut in pay than have someone else lose their job. I just think that if this is going to happen, employees should be given the option of taking a day off each month without pay instead. This option is less permanent, and could be reversed easier, but would help during this economic downturn.


Spanish Springs

In favor of lowering gambling age

A recent article in the Appeal (Nov. 12) regarding lowering the age to legally gamble in Nevada from 21 to 18 is a great idea.

Thomas Smock, a lawyer for slot machine maker Aristocrat Technologies, Inc., said it would help keep our teachers employed. Who isn’t for that? I think we might even be able to hire more teachers, some with gaming experience to teach our eighth graders how to roll dice and double down!

There are a lot of positives here, such as losing all the money they saved to go to college. With no money for tuition and books, some of our young people will join the army, go to Iraq and help find those weapons President Bush has been looking for.

This could also be a way of paying back our youth for voting for Barack Obama and making Russell Lenhares weep as he stated in his letter to the editor (Nov. 10). I feel Mr. Lenhares’ pain. With all the negative letters the Appeal has published from others expressing their disdain for the election of “That One,” I too am frightened for our nation. Just this morning a couple of Muslims showed up at my door asking me if I had any guns in the home.