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Letters to the editor

U.S. needs energy sources today

“America need clean energy,” letter writer Heather Gibson tells us, and true to form, such pronouncements are non-specific as in the case of Harry Reid-type glib assertions. In reality it is delusional to think that the United Sates can install in 10 years wind and solar generating capacity equivalent to that of thermal power plants that took nearly 60 years to construct.

The needs of this nation are immediate, and we have the capacity in the short term to provide effective energy from our own resources if politicians simply had the spine to shut up the tree huggers.

But on the other hand, Washington habitues are the source of our problems as they alone created the Fannie and Freddie that not only allowed the sub-prime greed, but in fact encouraged it by looking the other way.

Sen. McCain offered legislation to prevent this current dilemma in 2005, but it was blocked by the Democrats, specifically Senators Dodd and Obama, each of whom accepted over $120,000 from Fannie. These are the majority who along with the new Marxist socialist leader are about to undercut our sovereignty and submit to the U.N. one world order.

Surely you do not now expect this group to intelligently manage our immediate energy needs while Pelosi and Reid get ready to tax you out of your skivvies – or do you? Cleaner energy is possible, but it shall take much longer than the time that I, for one, have left on this earth.

Forget the glib generalizations, and hound those in the district of corruption to direct their attention to the problem, and drop their plans to tax those among us who are successful to fund enormous give-away schemes.



Douglas skimps on senior services

The senior population (age 65 and above) of the United States is increasing at a significant rate – much greater than any other age group. For every county that has seen a decrease in seniors there are two other counties with an increase in their senior population. The seniors have to live somewhere. Certainly it is much more economical to live in Carson Valley than any location in California, Oregon or Washington, yet why is the senior population of Douglas County on the decline?

Douglas County probably has the most inadequate senior center in comparison to any other county in the western United States. In addition, our County Commissioners have made significant reductions in county senior services during the last few years. Our local politicians apparently believe that retirees, who potentially might move to Douglas County, won’t hear about these inadequacies, but they are wrong. The word gets around especially those seniors who are looking for an area in which to retire. At a recent Gardnerville Town Board meeting the seniors of Douglas County were referred to as “old gummers.” This attitude toward seniors prevails with most of our county and town governments. Tax them and don’t provide them any services.

When you drive down US395 it is apparent that approximately 20 percent of the Minden and Gardnerville retail and business facilities are vacant. I know that our businessmen would like to blame this problem on the national economy but much of it is the result of our declining senior population. Our county has very few tourist attractions and most of the through traffic on US395 is commercial, so practically all of the local businesses are dependent on our county residents. I just don’t understand why Douglas County doesn’t care about its senior population. We don’t do anything to attract seniors to our county and what is worse we are driving out some of the local seniors. It is time for our local politicians and businessmen to wake up.



Pet rescue funds come from grants

Kukuis Alii Animal Rescue plans to provide many types of services to Northern Nevada. These services are expensive. Our estimate of $16 million is based on Washoe County’s facility. We do not intend to build our facility overnight. We plan to build it in phases. We are not a county office; our funds come from grants and other philanthropic donors. We are not attempting to assess tax money. We are looking for those who can donate or know someone who wants to.

Our contention is to assist Northern Nevada with overpopulation of animals, preventing abandonment, cruelty or abuse. Someone said my dream was too big. Building another small facility will not change the problem. All outlying counties have small facilities. We plan ours to be a regional center. Having a facility to house 150 cats and 150 dogs may help the feral population as well as the rate of euthanasia.

We intend to add a facility to work with abused, abandoned or neglected children and have this be a “therapy” center. We want to have an education center, a dog park and a pet cemetery.

Acquiring property and building a facility is our priority. Everything is dependent upon grant money or other philanthropic donations received. Times are hard for everyone, but especially the animals. They cannot fend for themselves. Proliferation and euthanasia will not stop unless someone does something. $16 millio is a lot of money but that amount is not needed to begin the project. We are estimating the whole project. Doing nothing does not solve the problem either.

Currently, there is an overpopulation of feral cats in Northern Nevada. I am addressing the opposed views I received via email. Don’t you get tired of having stray animals running around, possibly spreading disease? Someone has to address this issue or the problem persists. “Killing all the surplus animals” as some wrote, is not the answer. Education is the answer. We are requesting people to be a part of the solution. Spay or neuter your pet.




Drivers: Please heed that speed bump

With the help of Shelly Aldean we now have the speed hump on South Division Street. Interesting enough, most people are slowing down after coming and leaving the speed hump. Others are only gunning it after going over the device.

It doesn’t appear many are getting the idea that the device is there to slow them down. I am sure they will be the first to complain about the speed hump.

This is something to help with the speeding on South Division that has caused concern for all that live on this street and for some that are doing the speed limit when using the street.

The device is supposed to bring results to the frustration people on this street feel due to others speeding in our neighborhood as they are trying to get to wherever they are going in such a hurry.

Since the device was ordered I think I can count on one hand the number of times we have had patrol in this area. I believe this is to be used with the help of enforcement from our local Sheriff’s Office to work together to help calm down the speeding. I am sure all in all it will help, however it would be so nice to get help from our local Sheriff’s Office with enforcement especially during peak times of travel. We as the residents of this area are thankful, but also wonder why this road is not enforced by patrol more since it is used as an artery road.


Carson City

Visitors will return for Ghost Walk

My daughter (Courtney, age 12) and I are from San Jose, Calif., and after doing an Internet search for fun Halloween events I came across your Kit Carson Trail Ghost Walk, and since my daughter had been bugging me about never being out of California I decided it sounded like a fun, quick getaway trip for the weekend. I have to say that we were so very pleased and truly enjoyed your town and the Ghost Walk. Everyone from the tour guides to the actors and actresses to the TNT Stagecoach that were involved were so good and the stories they told were so lifelike we came out of the walk believing these houses are truly haunted and could feel the spirits they talked about. It was a truly great day for my daughter and I. 

Also after talking with some of the friendly staff that were involved with the walk we came to find out that you also do another Ghost Walk in May. We definitely plan to attend this one as well and are hoping to make the two events a family tradition from here on out for the two of us. 

In closing, my daughter and I just want to say to the cast and crew of Ghost Walk, Bravo! You did an excellent job and we will see you again soon.


San Jose, Calif.