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Letters to the editor

Stimulus bill nothing more than Trojan horse

In past letters to the editor, I have been a frequent critic of the Democrat controlled Congress in Washington, DC. Since assuming power in the 2006 election, the Democrats have more than earned the title of “the biggest do nothing” Congress in history.

In the face of massive problems with Social Security (bankrupt), Medicare (bankrupt), energy independence (non-existent) and the education system (failed), fiscal responsibility has been either ignored or, more than likely, the concept is above their pay grade in terms of comprehension.

The level of incompetence by the Democrat leadership has been breathtaking with our own Harry Reid and San Fran Nan at the top of the list. I suspect that the recent episodes of seismic activity in our region are not due to earthquakes but rather the Founding Fathers of this great country spinning in their collective graves. Which brings us to the present era of “bailout mania.”

It has become evident that the Democrats have finally demonstrated what they best understand, which is spending taxpayers’ money like drunken sailors on shore leave and mortgaging the financial future of our children and grandchildren. The $1trillion bailout package currently under debate in Congress is an over bloated travesty laden with pork and ineffective programs designed to strengthen the socialist goals of the Democrats. We only need to look at the $700 billion emergency Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) that was implemented in late 2008 to know that such programs are a worthless waste of taxpayer money.

Urgently touted as the only answer to the saving of the financial and housing industries, it has done neither. The clueless Democrats, in their rush to spend taxpayers’ money, failed to put adequate controls in place to insure the success of this massive transfer of wealth. Now we are being told by BHO not to worry because his new administration will be smarter about spending another $1 trillion of our money. This so called “stimulus” bill is nothing more than a Trojan horse for the Democrats in their relentless pursuit of a socialistic American society modeled after their European idols.


Carson City

Pristine natural beauty or a sea of windmills?

We are constantly reminded of the pristine beauty of the mountains and the valley we reside. Will this view continue for us and future generations?

Walk out your front door. Do you want to see a “sea” of wind turbines or the beauty of the Sierra Nevada?

Can you imagine the residential area between Edmonds and Silver Sage, Koontz and Clearview an ocean of wind turbines?

Speak up at the Carson City Board of Supervisors meeting Feb. 19.


Carson City

Harsher sentences urged in sex crimes

This letter is regarding the “Carson man sentenced to prison for sex crime” column on Jan. 27. The article states that William C. Greene apologized to the victim and her family. It also notes that the psychological evaluation found him to be a danger and his wife wrote in a letter to the court that similar allegations came up in Florida in 1984.

Judge Russell was “disturbed” by the psychologists’ assessment and that Greene was “as close to a designation of high risk to offend” as one could get. He is eligible for parole in four years.

The time has passed to coddle these predators. It would be encouraging to see a judge hand down the strongest sentence possible that the Parole and Probation and the district attorney propose. These degenerates get out of prison and, as studies and criminal records show, continue to abuse children. Count on it.

There are a number of sex offender registries, including http://www.family

watchdog.us, Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Web site and our own Sex Offender Registry for the state of Nevada. Anyone is able to make sure that the friendly neighbor who helps take care of your child or the stranger across the street is not on one of these lists. These are a great asset. However, they are not all under supervision even at the tier 2 or 3 level. If a judge removes a sex offender from supervision, they are easily out and about to commit another murder of a child’s soul. Their innocence is forever lost.

Deputy District Attorney Melanie Porter must have done her very best since all the comments about the case were similar. It is time to give the harshest sentences to these despicable individuals. These children are forever changed. These are life-altering events that take heroic effort from their family and themselves to overcome.

Judges please stand up for those who can’t and be their voice. How about some justice?


Carson City