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Letters to the editor

Stop playing politics with the economy:

It is not government’s duty to create jobs. The function of government is to create the atmosphere conducive to permitting economic growth and job creation.

Adding more regulations on industry, be it auto, oil or whatever, will only raise prices adding fuel to the economic disaster.

The $819 billion stimulus plan the House passed will do more damage to the economy by creating a humongous national debt, raising interest rates and obligating our souls and that of our great-great grandchildren.

The press is in love with Obama who, in their eyes, can do no wrong. When the Republicans increased the national debt the press was outraged. When Bush spent $42 million on his inauguration, the press was extremely critical. When Obama spends more than three times that – $172 million – the obviously very biased press is silent.

The Democrats blame Bush for the economic collapse when it started with Clinton and the Democrats requiring banks to grant mortgages to those who had no ability to pay for them. Early on (almost three years ago) the Republicans tried to correct the situation, but the Democrats refused to recognize any problems. Have the Democrats forgotten their own history?

And now the Democrats want the Republicans to help them with their dirty laundry? Where were the Democrats when the Republicans asked them to help fix the impending sub-prime mortgage disaster?



The trickle-down effect of political life:

Well, it looks like another of our illustrious elected officials bit the dust, so to speak.

First it was our illustrious former mayor. Then along comes Roger Moellendorf. You might remember him as our appointed director of our parks and recreation. The latest one, none other than Joe Enge, according to the Nevada Appeal on Feb. 1. And he was just elected to represent us in watching over the schools and the children’s welfare as a member of the Carson City School Board.

So here we go again. I am sure there are laws and penalties that are on the books to guide our elected law officials. So far as I know they have not been upheld. Do you suppose it’s a disease trickling down from Washington, D.C. – where those elected representatives don’t pay their taxes?

Last time I looked everybody pays taxes. Could be we are a nation without laws? Or for only a chosen few. Doesn’t sound right to me.


Carson City

Increase individual spending, not government spending:

I can’t believe that there isn’t someone in Washington who can solve our nation’s immediate financial crisis. The problem, to me, doesn’t seem to be that difficult.

We need to greatly increase individual spending – not increased government spending. To accomplish that, many more new jobs need to be created in order to increase spendable income.

The government needs to put away its checkbook and then change the corporate tax laws to encourage corporations to return their offshore manufacturing operations to the United States. After all, that is basically what has caused this financial crisis.

If our government would drastically reduce the corporate tax rate to those corporations that return their manufacturing operations to the United States and increase the tax rate on those corporations that refuse to comply, jobs will be created and greater individual spending will be generated. Citizens of this country will then be proud to claim that they own products that are made in the good old U.S.A.

If people would inspect the products and merchandise that exist in every household, they would be amazed to discover that approximately 90 percent of those items were manufactured in foreign countries.

Wouldn’t it be great if those items were made by U.S. workers in the United States?


Carson City

School board member should be accountable:

We read with disappointment the continuing saga of Joe Enge’s battles. He, of all people, must understand that in the current climate of accountability, that each person responsible for any aspect of our public schools must be held to a higher standard. We can remember when a teacher cited with a DUI was placed on leave and charged with “moral turpitude.” A former superintendent was forced to resign over a DUI.

We applaud what finally appears to an earnest commitment to enter treatment. But entering treatment does not guarantee success, as the best predictor of future actions is past behavior. He needs to step down from the school board immediately and deal with his apparent addiction and his personal life first. If he is successful, he can run again and let the people of Carson City decide whether to place their trust in him.

We believe Mr. Enge needs to be held accountable for his actions.


Carson City

School board member upsets Carson parent:

I have lived in Carson City my whole life and attended Corbett Elementary, Bordewich Elementary, Carson Middle School and graduated from Carson High School. I now have two sons enrolled in Carson City School District, attending Seeliger Elementary.

The recent arrest of school board representative Joe Enge has me very disturbed and upset that he has a voice and a decision in the direction of our community’s children. He has been arrested three times for driving under the influence of alcohol, and a few years ago drove through a teacher’s fence and left the scene, but left his license plate in the wreckage of the fence and yard.

It’s quite a shame that he continues to serve our children and community with this kind of record. At 7 p.m. Tuesday, the Carson City School Board has a board meeting and the first thing on the agenda is the recent arrest of Mr. Enge. This community is encouraged to attend to voice their opinions.

Mr. Enge should no longer have a say in the direction of our community’s children and a voice as a representative on our school board and its agenda.


Carson City

Managers always escape downsizing:

Ever notice when one or more people have to be “downsized” it is always the people who really do the work? It is never a supervisor or manager. It is either the cop, the firefighter, the teacher, the administrative assistant, the library, parks department, or social services – never management who is “downsized.”

Did you know the secret rule of management, when cuts need to be made, cut the workers never management? If I was the decision maker, I would save the state of Nevada millions of dollars and nobody would notice where I made the cuts.


Carson City

A tale of two Carson City brothers:

This is a true story.

In early December 2008, two brothers in Carson City had a fight in their home. The younger brother phoned the police and requested an officer respond to help settle the argument. No charges were filed and the brothers settled their differences.

Three weeks later, the day after Christmas, two officers show up at their home with a warrant for both brothers, the charge disorderly conduct. The older brother comes to the door barefoot and the officers do not even allow him to put on shoes. They cuff him and put him in jail for 12 hours and he is required to post bail. Later the younger brother turns himself in and is jailed for 12 hours as well before posting bail.

Arraignment is set for both brothers. Now, mind you, this is the first time the police were phoned and the brothers have settled their differences. The younger brother hires an attorney who advises him if he pleads guilty and testifies against his older brother the misdemeanor charge will be expunged in 6 months, which basically forces the younger brother to turn against his own brother.

What? No one was harmed, it was an altercation between two brothers and no charges were filed. Is this justice or interference and unnecessary harassment by law enforcement and the DA’s office? I am appalled to see this happening, taxpayers’ money being wasted and two law abiding taxpaying citizens being dragged through the legal system when they had a fight in their own home. No one was hurt and no charges were filed.

It’s a sad day in this state when the law which is designed to protect becomes a tool the DA office uses to inflict harm on two law abiding citizens. So, fellow Nevadans, be careful when you phone the police regarding a domestic disturbance because you very well might wind up being sent to jail and charged with a misdemeanor.


(An outraged mother)


Arts council lineup music to the ears:

Hooray for the Carson Valley Arts Council.

I am very pleased with all the recent concerts the Carson Valley Arts Council has been bringing to the Carson Valley. With many of us staying home more often it is nice to have such good entertainment right here in town for a very reasonable price.

I was impressed with the Great Basin Brass group that performed at the CVIC Hall in January. I didn’t know what to expect from an all brass music group. I pictured parades, football games and picnics. To my delight I was serenaded with romantic, energetic and humorous songs of all types. It was amazing to see what four highly skilled artists can do with four brass instruments. I love music of all types so it was an evening of new and lovely melodies. I can’t wait to hear the sounds of Kaweh (Feb. 6), a group exploring rich acoustic guitar and international music. Their Web site says we should hear influences of Latin Jazz, Rumba Flamenca, Brazilian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern in their music. We are lucky to have such easy access to this explosion of sounds known as world music.

Thanks for all the work the volunteers at the Carson Valley Arts Council have done to bring us this fabulous array of entertainment. I look forward to this and many other concerts in the future.


Carson City

Arnold the perfect neighborhood ‘pog’:

Arnold was quiet, didn’t bark, chase cars, nor climb trees. He didn’t quack, crow, moo, or play raucous music.

Arnold is a family pet taken from his longtime home, where he wasn’t just a hog nor a pig. He was an ideal neighbor and a loyal pet pog. Welcome home, Arnold, where you belong as the perfect pog.



A novel way of achieving tax cuts:

In light of recent appointment failures, it appears that high level politicos indeed understand how to achieve tax cuts – don’t pay ’em and then apologize profusely when caught.

Also, please let Las Vegas have a few of the fat-cat junkets ” it needs the stimulus.


Carson City

Parent calls for Enge’s resignation:

I believe Carson City School Board member Joe Enge should resign now. This person is representing our youth, our schools and our community. What type of mixed messages are we sending if we allow him to remain a school board member?

In just the past year he has been involved in physical altercations, car crashes with property damage and alleged drunken driving. How can we say to our youth to avoid the peer pressure of alcohol and drug use when a grown man has no control over himself?

This is not just an embarrassing moment for Joe, but for our city. His behavior is not a personal issue, it is a judgment issue. Decisions on policy and school standards need good judgment and critical thinking skills that need to be made by members who are not impaired. With three children in high school, I can say I do not want this man on the school board making decisions on right and wrong.

Allowing Joe Enge to remain a member of the school board reflects poorly on us as a city and how we are perceived by others. Please join me in demanding Joe Enge’s resignation or termination from the board.


Carson City

Closing the prison not a good idea:

According to the governor’s State of the State address he wants to avoid layoffs of state workers, but that is what would happen if Nevada State Prison is allowed to close.

If it does close, it would affect more than just the laid off workers. Local businesses would lose income from what the workers would have spent at their establishments. The laid off workers are likely to lose their houses too.

In addition, the proposed 6 percent cut for state workers would also have a similar negative effect on the local economy that is already feeling the pain. By making the state workers bear the burden of the budget shortfall, it would have a far-reaching impact on much more than just the state workers.

One other point is that the closure of Nevada State Prison is entirely impractical because the Department of Corrections cannot afford to lose any more housing for inmates. The prison may be old but it still functions well and is necessary.

I sincerely hope that Gov. Gibbons and Corrections Director Skolnik reconsider their stand on these issues for the sake of all concerned.