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Letters to the editor

Trim the state budget and wait for better times:

Dear Legislators,

Why would you even consider “dumping” any of the governor’s budget reduction suggestions? Do you want Nevada to be like a beggar or freeloader, going hat in hand to the federal government pleading for money?

This is beneath our state which has been independent and so responsible in the past. Instead of making the budget cuts to balance the state budget as you are supposed to do, you are counting on some fictional “bailout money.” When money is in short supply, the state should be doing what every one of us has to – trim the budget and wait for better times to add to the budget or add new programs. Please do the responsible thing.


Carson City

Rick says we’ll always have Palin:

Anyone notice our do-nothing Sen. John Ensign sidling up to Senate Minority Leader McConnell lately? Now that other Republican senators have been vanquished via the ballot box, or quit before such fate, Ensign seems to be getting a lot of publicity lately, a lot of air time standing next to the latest version of GOP obstructionism. And, of course, the word “no” is spewing from all of their pie-holes as the progressives try to fix the mess that these naysayers got us all into.

Note to Bill Johnston: Although the Dems gained an edge in the Congress in 2006, it was still Bush and status quo with Republican filibusters (No to anything progressive) and presidential vetoes. You had your way for eight years and the people spoke last November. I believe the rallying cry was “Yes we can!”

But no…not with the Republican Party. Saying no is ingrained in their philosophy. They couldn’t say no to anything Bush wanted (especially our pal Ensign). They couldn’t say no to torture, illegal spying, waging war on a credit card, privatizing Social Security, etc.

Isn’t it ironic that the party that was responsible for this economic debacle now says it has the solution. And that solution is to say no to the new president and his party that the electorate clearly voiced in no uncertain terms who they wanted to govern this country. The Republicans spent us into record debt with lies and deceit. And now that the Democrats, armed with catastrophic warnings from imminent economists, are trying to spend (stimulus) us out of a depression, their only answer is no.

The people wanted Democratic leadership. If the Republicans continue to obstruct, then they have written their own fate. If Obama fails, then it’s good-bye in 2012. But if the country comes out if this no thanks to the GOP, can you spell Whig Party? Oh well, you’ll still have Palin.


Carson City

Business and government need to cut their spending:

Anyone who received bailout money kicked dirt into the face of the people of this country, we, the people, who are funding this bailout.

You, the people who were elected by “We The People” to represent us and do our bidding, said we need to bring the economy out of this slump. In your hurry to help all these big businesses you thought nothing of the little people and what this would do to the next several generations. You set no rules for accountability, so the money is unaccounted for.

There are no restrictions. We have the right to know how they spent it. I, for one, want an accounting and if they spent it foolishly and stupidly, I want it back. You have come up with ways that you can just pull the wool over the eyes of the citizens.

You have one of the best health care and retirement plans in the country and it does not cost you a cent. But at the same time there are elderly in this country who do without needed medication because they can’t pay their rent and buy medicine. There are children in this country who actually go to bed hungry. There are people in this country that can’t afford to pay for their heating bill and have to live in a cold home instead of in comfort. Where is the justice?

This bailout has no merit. These companies have been greedy, and brought this upon their own. These business leaders have used poor management practices and continue to be greedy, now it is coming back to bite them. In tough times the business world needs to do just what we working people have to do. Cut our spending. This goes for the government also.

It seems that everyone wanted change this last election, and I promise you that I for one will be working for big change this next senate and congressional election. I will push hard for new leaders. Our senior ones seem to believe they are untouchable.


Carson City