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Letters to the Editor 1/9

Carson was blessed to have Rich Chrzanowski

Opening the paper the other day and reading about the death of Rich Chrzanowski was shocking. I’ve had the good fortune of working with Rich on a few projects involving the video students at Carson High School and various community entities. In working with him I found him to be a dedicated advocate for driver safety and fully supported the efforts our students wanted to put forward.

A couple of times we needed cars to simulate an accident for a video or for the community awareness fair. Rich would get wrecked cars, and on his own time, he would work hard in smoothing surfaces, etc., to make them safe for people to approach.

Each and every time I worked with him I was impressed by his patience and can-do attitude. He seemed to really enjoy working with the teens and always empowered them to envision what they wanted, and he would do his best to help make it all possible.

He blew me away with how smoothly he seemed to work things out. Two years in a row, our students won national awards – greatly in part to Rich’s efforts.

As I knew him, Rich was a quality individual who enhanced most every life he touched. He seemed to always be calm and positive.

We need more like him. I am profoundly saddened by his loss, and our community has been blessed to have him as we did.

Brian Reedy

Carson City

Dr. Paslov, buying votes is not compromise

This is in response to Dr. Eugene T. Paslov’s commentary, “Congressional Republicans up to their old dirty tricks.”

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I do know that buying votes is not negotiation or compromise. I know I’d rather be a party of no than a party of yes, whose hand continually goes deeper in my pocket.

As for Republicans not contributing to improve health care reform, how about tort reform, health savings accounts, buying health insurance across state lines – all voted down in committee?

If anyone is a lunatic, it is you, Dr. Paslov, for thinking anyone in their right mind would pray for God to cause debilitating sickness to anyone.

Judith L. Wooley