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Letters to the editor 2-1

57 million didn’t

drink the Kool-Aid

Tuesday we witnessed yet another peaceful transfer of power – a truly American tradition and one not found elsewhere in the world – you listening Hugo Chavez?

On a sad note, the inauguration seemed to be attended by nothing but far-left fanatics. How did I come to this conclusion? By the many reports from the mall which all said the same thing: When the sitting president was introduced, the crowd booed. When first lady Laura Bush was introduced, the crowd booed. Fair enough. I believe though the bad behavior by the masses gives license to the rest of us to be extremely critical and vocal about the newly installed president.

The mindless ideologues who chanted “Bush is an idiot. Bush lied” for the past eight years have lost their primary target. They have now switched gears and are chanting “Obama will fix everything. Hail all mighty Obama.” For one of his first acts, President Obama signed an executive order calling for the closure of Guantanamo Bay Prison. Will someone please explain how this act somehow makes us safer? Sixty-one of the recently released prisoners have returned to fight against us in the war on terror.

I didn’t drink the Kool-Aid. I do believe our friends say a lot about our character (Wright, Ayers, Rezko and the rest). While 65 million people did vote for the Illinois con man, 57 million didn’t.



Space heater safety concerns prompt tips

In the last two weeks, as an electrician, I have found two outlets that were dangerously melted, in two separate houses. The common factor was space heaters.

Fortunately, these melted outlets did not start a fire. The residents could have lost everything, including their lives. They were lucky to just have to pay my bill for finding the reason for the power loss.

If you use a space heater, please follow the following rules for your safety:

Never put two heaters on the same circuit. One heater at the high setting takes two-thirds of the capacity of a 15-amp circuit. You do the math.

If you have anything else on the circuit, use the heater at a low setting.

Turn off the heater while you use any high energy-use appliances, such as hair dryers and microwaves, on the same circuit.

Space heaters are not intended for constant use. They should only be used when you are in the room, and never overnight while you are sleeping. If you want a warm room when you get up, there are some heaters with timers on them.

The residents of these houses did not realize the possible danger they were in. I believe that there are many other people in the Carson City area that are not informed about the hazards of incorrectly using space heaters. I ask that anyone reading this letter, share this information with others who use space heaters. You could save a lot of damage, and even possibly a life.


Carson City

Finally, someone who knows the meaning of ‘is’

Dr. Paslov’s etiological skills are laudable. He could probably tell us what the definition of “is” is.

In terms of politics, however, his understanding is somewhat limited.

Perhaps “born again” conservative would appeal, or “just awakened from a self-induced coma” conservative.

In other words, those of us who have turned a blind eye on the mis-interpretation of our constitution, the political malfeasance, organized crime (ACORN) making a mockery of our political process.

Dr. Paslov has surely heard Mr. Obama’s description and defense of “redistribution,” but, for further understanding of the word and of the danger it poses to our republic, I suggest a little read of Ayn Rand.


Virginia City

Democrats given chance to lead in right direction

The 2008 election showed that the voters didn’t care who was “left” or “right,” “liberal” or conservative.” They were more concerned about who will be a staunch defender of “The Constitution” and “The Three Principles.”

The voters elected a Democrat president because they believe he is a staunch defender of “The Constitution” and “The Three Principles.” The voters also elected a democratic majority in the Congress, because they believe President Obama’s ideas need Congress’ support to carry them. Now, it is the Democratic Party’s opportunity and responsibility to lead the country into the correct direction.

“Divided we fail.” The Republicans and Democrats must change their causes in the 21st Century. Stop playing ideological games, to use “left” or “right,” “liberal” or “conservative,” and “big” or “small” government to blame each other.

“Together we stand.” During this difficult time, the country is facing two wars and the economic recession. The Republicans and the Democrats in the governments bodies must work together to solve these problems. There are many, many necessary sacrifices; compromises; and cooperations to achieve the difficult tasks.

God bless Americans to recover from the recession soon and end the wars, with our troops experiencing a triumphal return.


Carson City

Time will tell with new president

If memory and the oldest history book in existence (the Bible) are correct, the last and only perfect human being was crucified on a cross, so as voting citizens we’re left to select from an array of totally imperfect human beings. Some have made a lasting mark of usefulness not withstanding the fact that each of the 44 elected to national leadership was, in his own time, vilified, even George Washington.

The latest example of course is number 43, who faced hostility the moment he stepped in the door and throughout his eight-year tenure. None of us shall live long enough to see how he is treated in history.

In a recent Op-Ed page we read two different versions of 44, one Democrat and one Republican. The pity of which is that each is framed in political party bias. Why not be party neutral and base the electees on what they do that is nation beneficial? Give 44 a chance, although we still know little of what he is. Time will tell, although a first impression suggests a pre 9/11 attitude. Let us hope not.



Abortion rules very alarming to traveler

I spent Christmas week in Oregon. It’s a beautiful state and I always enjoy my time there. There’s one thing though that’s not so beautiful, and very alarming to me.

If I were a young girl, and I had a headache I could not get so much as an aspirin from the school nurse. If I were a young girl (any age), and I was pregnant I could go to the school nurse and get an abortion. Now the nurse doesn’t do abortions, of course, but through referrals and such I (as a young girl) would end up at Planned Parenthood and things would be arranged.

Now there is counseling where the options are discussed (I assume), and they even do what they can to get the parents involved (if the girl gives her permission) but, the alarming thing , any minor girl can get an abortion in Oregon without the parents knowing anything about it. Kind of freaks me out.

Am I overreacting? I wonder if this is possible in Nevada? I remember in California I couldn’t have my minor daughter (14 years old) drug-tested without her permission.

I put up a real stink and tried to find an avenue to get it done – but failed. But an abortion is on another level altogether. Good grief – what have we done? By the way, I’m just an average, concerned citizen; no associations with any organizations. This just struck me as very odd, and I know this is all true. (Still living and loving life – without cable.)


Carson City

When one door closes, another opens

Tonight’s news included reports that there is a plan to close the Nevada State Prison in Carson City, and one that seniors on a reduced-calorie diet have improved memory.

What a grand opportunity. Remodel the prison to provide modest cost-efficiency apartments for seniors, offer low-calorie meals, gym facilities, and secure low cost housing.

The state saves by not operating the facility, construction jobs are created for remodeling and updating facilities, needed senior housing is made available at low cost and the residents gain improved memory with their every need provided for.

All this, and even direct access to the freeway for those who drive and for fast emergency transportation to hospitals as required. There is not likely to be a problem with permits and zoning for this location. Oh yes, pets should be welcome because the location is well fenced.

If this project is successful, it might be possible to also use the women’s prison next door to increase capacity, if there comes a time that it may also be closed.



Nevada’s pilot needs to not crash and burn

Gov. Jim Gibbons, a pilot, reminds me of one of those WW I aviators flying by the seat of his pants. Crouching down in the cockpit, the only light he sees on the instrument panel says “no new taxes.”

He ignores the needs of his passengers, the people of Nevada, so he can protect the powerful interests that support him. He should take off his leather helmet, and be concerned that his airship doesn’t crash and burn, with serious consequences for all Nevada.


Las Vegas

Wouldn’t layoffs defeat the purpose?

In response to Mr. Beil’s letter in the Jan. 27 issue about Gov. Gibbons laying off workers – sure he could do that, and then the people would have to collect unemployment. But the problem with that idea is, I believe, that unemployment is paid by the government, so that would pretty much defeat the purpose of saving money, wouldn’t it?


Carson City

Coaches’ salaries are exorbitant and excessive

If you have a speaking relationship with Chancellor Jim Rogers, please tell him to stop whining. Cutting 35 percent from his budget may be a difficult task, but a good start would be to reduce the salaries of all personnel being paid more than $100,000 to that amount.

Certainly, all coaches should not be paid their current exorbitant salaries. The amounts are ridiculous and an insult to all Nevada citizens.

If that cut does not reach the 35 percent, then reduce the salary maximum to $75,000. Even that is excessive for public employees.

While you are at it, you might suggest the same to Gov. Jim Gibbons. No “public servant” should be paid those same excessive salaries.


Carson City

Bank customer longs for better service

I’m a former Citibank customer who was left without a bank when they moved from Northern Nevada. I want to say Citi was the best bank I have ever dealt with; no rude tellers, just good service.

Have any former Citi customers found a new bank with the same kind of service as Citi? I have tried two new banks in Carson, both put holds on your deposits. One of the banks, with the rudest teller I have ever dealt with, wouldn’t not let me deposit a check from my daughter’s college without her being there in person. She wanted me to fly her into Nevada.

So I now make trips into California to deposit in to Citibank. If any banks in Carson want to treat customers like customers and not criminals, let me know. I deposit about $15,000 per month.


Carson City