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Letters to the editor 2-18

Leave it to the politicians

Leave it to our elected politicians, as always: Close the schools and give themselves a raise.


Carson City

Cut government spending and taxes

As the Congress tries to agree on a “stimulus” bill that they seem to be in a great hurry to pass, I’m wondering where in the Constitution is there any mention of all these ways they think they should spend our money?

This so-called stimulus bill is nothing more than massive government spending, and the biggest federal government power grab in history. The taxpayers can see right through this attempt to fund all the favorite “pork” projects of Congress and special interest groups, in the disguise of a “stimulus” package. The most effective stimulus would be to cut government spending and then cut taxes to put more discretionary income back into the pockets of the taxpayers.



Time to get real,

not to be greedy

Having been in Lyon politics for over 20 years, it has taken quite a while to get most of it out of my system after retiring in the year 2000. But the article published in your newspaper titled “Lyon looks to stimulus for help with projects” caught my eye, bringing back the fire that was once in me.

My views have always been on the conservative side, and the picture I drew in my mind while reading the subject article was of old Uncle Harry and his gang, spilling our money out of all his pockets while all the local governments run around picking up his spillovers.

Friends, this is not a stimulus bill, this legislation is a spending bill, stuffed to the hilt with programs having little or nothing to do with stimulus. The economy is in crisis and a direct hit is needed to fix it, and if the program is not a direct hit, it should be dropped from the spending bill. Maybe then it rightfully might be called stimulus.

Housing, financing and job loss appear to be most pressing and in immediate need. These wish list projects are all things that can be dealt with once the ship is back on course. All we do by asking for them is feed their argument.

It’s time to get real, not greedy.



Easy solution: Shop locally in Carson City

There is an easy solution to Carson’s budget shortfall. No, I’m not talking about raising property tax, sales tax or the ridiculous idea that our state needs an income tax. State and federal budgets are a separate matter for another letter. Today, let me address our hometown residents.

Neighbors, where are you shopping? Do you buy groceries at the Topsy Lane Wal-Mart? Do you buy clothes at the Summit Sierra? Do you go to the Fallon dealership to buy a car? Every dollar you spend in Douglas, Washoe, or even Churchill County is a loss to Carson City revenues. Think about this when you are about to make a routine purchase. Think about this when you are about to make an exceptional purchase. Think about it when you’re going out to dinner or for a night on the town.

There is no sales-tax revenue sharing between Carson City and neighboring counties. So there is no reason we should spend retail dollars in neighboring counties when we have the choice to spend them right here at home. In this economy, we can’t afford revenue shortfalls that will lead our city leadership to take drastic action. Higher tax rates will cost you more. Choosing to shop in Carson will not.


Carson City

Enge situation

a modern-day stoning

In response to the media circus surrounding Joe Enge’s arrest, I couldn’t help think of how this has turned into a modern-day stoning. The school board is restraining him while the Nevada Appeal passes out rocks.

I also wonder how former Mayor Marv Teixeira got around it. Both men sworn servants of the community, both men convicted of the same offense, but only one facing termination. Kind of sounds like favoritism to me and this somehow does not seem fair.

Instead of priming the public for a stoning, you folks should condition them for a review into how Mr. Enge conducts himself at work. Only after that, decide how to reprimand him. If you stone the guy and he was a good member of the board, everybody loses.