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Letters to the editor

One more reason we love Northern Nevada

We recently moved from Southern California to Gardnerville and, while walking our dog, saw a hole in the road that was getting bigger by the day. So I called Road Maintenance. The next morning the hole was repaired.

Back in California, my elderly neighbor twisted her ankle in a pothole and I reported it to the city. Several weeks went by and I finally bought a bag of asphalt and fixed it myself. Just wanted to say that this is one more reason we love this area.

Gary Marshall


Freedom lives

We walk along the path of soldiers

The soldiers fly along the sky with angel’s wings

We remember them with fond memories

A special place in Heaven, God does remember

Flags do fly, although half mast is still

The salute we give all those who have fallen

Our hearts are never empty for those who

Have always sacrificed in the name of freedom

Two souls I know have come back

From darkness

But patriots, always living a dream they have

Helped to create for us and others for that we

may live, always live forever free

My tears do fall for the fallen

Dedicated to: Elmo M. Nixon, Aug. 31, 1927-Sept. 1, 2012; Ernest H. Wass, Jan. 7, 1925-May 26, 1972 and all those who have fallen before them.

Grant H. Wass and Frances M. Nixon

Carson City

Political claims and counterclaims

No matter what political persuasion we hold, we all are being inundated by office seekers and their operatives with all sorts of claims and counterclaims. We are truly tired of hearing about what one person said or has not said about the other opponent position on one subject or another.

We would be better served if individuals seeking political office, and their operatives, were to restrict their campaigning tactics to facts as they pertain to the office seeker and them only. In a political year such as this, it would serve us well to hear only the following from political candidates: tell us what uniquely qualifies you for the office you seek; tell us what you have accomplished in the past and how it pertains to the office you seek; tell us what you hope to accomplish if elected for this office and show us the financial impact your plans most like will have if appropriate.

Armed with the above information, all of us can make the appropriate choice as it pertains to us when we step into the voting booth in November. But, as a voter and a citizen on the street, how do we get the politicians to give us truly useful information to help us make an intelligent choice?

Herbert Jesse

Carson City

Citizens United ruling levels playing field

I would like to respond to the commentary by Sandra Whiteker and Janette Dean as well as to the article by Anne Macquarie regarding the Citizens United ruling.

They seem to feel that it is wrong for corporations to contribute to political campaigns, but I heard no such dissent voiced about unions, which have been doing exactly the same thing for many years.

The Wall Street Journal ran an article on July 12 about just two unions’ spending on “political activities and lobbying at all levels of government,” the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). The Journal’s chart showed that the NEA spent over $50 million on political activities and lobbying during their fiscal year September 2008 to August 2009 and $45.89 million during their September 2010 to August 2001 fiscal year. The AFT spent $33.35 million during their July 2010 to June 2011 fiscal year. I’m sure their next reports will show dramatic political spending increases during this election year.

These are but two of the many unions within our country whose memberships number in the millions and whose members have no voice in how their dues monies are spent. If you add the memberships of the AFL-CIO and SEIU, you have one very powerful political machine. The Citizens United ruling was necessary. It was a matter of leveling the playing field.

If you want Citizens United overturned, then you must bar the unions from all political activity as well.

Joan E. Reid

Carson City

Who is waging war on women?

Who is waging war on women? The American Legion Magazine April 2012 has an article about people over 90 years old. Seventy-four percent are women. Their median income is $14,760 annually; 99.5 percent are covered by Medicare or other insurance. Sam Bauman in the Nevada Appeal Sept. 4 issue states that Obamacare will end treatment for cancer for people 76.5 years and older.

If you are a senior, you better look at the Romney and Ryan plan. It doesn’t change Medicare for people 55 years and older.

Laurence C. Pederson

Carson City