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Letters to the editor

Time for a new quarterbackI’m an old codger. Sometimes, to understand complex social interactions, I need to simplify them so I can grasp them. This year’s political races are like football games. The quarterbacks are the presidential candidates. Those running for election are the other players. The “wise old men” are the coaches and assistants. Most of us are the fans. The challengers have a serious problem. They have a good quarterback, but few will support him. The coaches have become unpopular, and many players disdain their advice. The fans see this and give only halfhearted support or stay home.The defending quarterback promised “hope and change,” but fans are losing hope. The change is in the wrong direction. Too many people are retiring or just quit trying to find a job. The quarterback is seen as pandering to gain support. He has not helped the Hispanics for three years, but now decrees amnesty for their children. Blacks and gays suddenly get attention. College students are offered low-cost loans and aid. Everyone! If you want it, I’ll promise it!The quarterback blames others. It’s their fault. He can’t do anything because it’s raining and the field is muddy. My own players distance themselves. The challengers won’t let me move “my ball.” Fans don’t support my tactics. I have some news. Misfortune has rained on everyone. It does make the field muddy. The opposition is called that for a reason, they oppose. Leadership is getting people to support you.Frank Z. PaluchCarson CityWhat’s the point of landing on Mars?What is this going to do for us, after spending billions on this flight, other than allowing us to say, “Yeah, we did it!” Is it going to improve our way of living, give more jobs to those who need them or better our standard of living overall? I don’t think so.So why are we going to Mars and spending this money?Charles L. SheldonDaytonUse election money to pay down debtThe political candidates should all be ashamed. They raise billions of dollars to spread lies and innuendoes when that money could be put to much better use, such as paying down the national debt. If people with money can spend that much on such worthless causes, why can’t they contribute to pay down our debt? It couldn’t be because our government is such a thoughtless, wasteful entity could it?Indeed, with the high tech media we now have, campaigning should be limited to about two months instead of more than a year. Whatever happened to common sense? There is none!Betty HomerCarson City