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Letters to the editor

Romney disqualifies himself

Governor Romney’s 2011 tax return, finally released Sept. 21, showed he paid a slightly higher rate (14 percent) than the previous year.

Apparently, in order to substantiate his claim that he “never paid less than 13 percent,” he ordered his accountants to manipulate the return by leaving out a significant charitable deduction which would have brought his tax rate down to around 10 percent. Wow, what a wonderful gift to the IRS. How generous can you get? Brings tears to one’s eyes!

But wait. In July, the governor was quoted as saying, “Frankly, if I had paid more than was legally due, I don’t think I’d be qualified to become president … I’d think people would want me to follow the law and pay only what the tax code requires.” Certainly not illegal but how about dishonest. Makes you wonder …

John O’Neill


Stop sending our dollars to other countries

Has anyone else noticed that when a part-time referee makes a bad call, the whole nation is outraged? It makes national news. However, we send billions or trillions of dollars to countries where the citizens want to kill our own citizens, and nobody even raises an eyebrow.

Even when our own country has starving and homeless people, American jobs are sent to other countries, our nationwide infrastructure is crumbling, our national electrical grid is antiquated, all of our major bridges are past their maximum life span, our road systems were built when President Roosevelt was in office and the water systems, like the Virginia City Waterline which was built 132 years ago, should have been taken out of service or replaced 80 years ago.

We have no money to repair or replace these. Is it just me?

Gary Greene

Carson City

Berkley would

protect Medicare

Last night’s debate confirmed that Nevada seniors can count on Shelley Berkley to protect Medicare and Social Security, and why Sen. Dean Heller’s plan to end Medicare by turning it over to private insurance companies is Nevada seniors’ worst nightmare.

While Berkley will fight to ensure Medicare and Social Security’s guaranteed benefits are there for current seniors and future generations, Sen. Heller’s plan would raise health care premiums by nearly $6,400, increase prescription drug costs, and turn Social Security over to greedy Wall Street stockbrokers. Sen. Heller’s anti-middle class, pro-Wall Street agenda is nothing for him to be “proud” of.

Scott Watts


Watch movie

before voting

I would like to encourage every voter, regardless of party affiliation, to go see “2016: Obama’s America” before deciding for whom to cast their vote.

It is a view of the future United States from the perspective of a man born in India. It is an extremely interesting and enlightening movie. Check it out, then decide.

Ann Schleich


Get a clue

Regarding Joshua Dealy’s Sept. 2 letter, speaking out against immoral acts is required by God, and not just of me, but of everyone!

Dealy’s “mankind does not choose to be homosexual but is born that way” is incorrect, regardless of theoretical “scientific” conclusion of same. Murderers? Thieves? Adulterers? Liars? In order for God to make some people homosexual, He would have to contradict His Ten Commandments, including the Sixth Commandment, under which homosexuality falls, and hold them responsible for doing something over which they have no control.

True, all mankind is born imperfect. However, God, via His Ten Commandments, informs mankind of how He wants us to live and not live. Living homosexuality is a “choice” of free will, which God also gave mankind, and is why He holds mankind accountable for his actions!

Ever hear of Sodom and Gomorrah? Because they wouldn’t listen, God destroyed those peoples in such a way as to get all mankind’s attention to His disapproval of homosexuality. His comment that God does not make mistakes is correct, so why don’t we take Him at His Word? God is Truth, therefore, cannot contradict Himself!

You think scientists know more than their Creator? Get a clue!

Mary Santomauro


More than one

issue to election

Unemployment is 8.1 percent. Gas is up to $4 per gallon. Our deficit was raised $6 trillion in less than four years. Thirty cents of every dollar here is borrowed from China. We’re borrowing more money from China to give it to Arab countries that are harboring terrorists that want to kill us. We cut defense spending which has resulted in more job loss and has made us less safe.

In light of all this, I just read a letter from a woman who is basing her vote solely on the abortion and birth control issue. I shouldn’t be surprised, as many young people make decisions emotionally and don’t bother to weigh the issues. I’m assuming this woman is young because a mature person would never call anyone stupid for not voting the way they did.

The median cost for birth control pills is $25. About the price of two pizzas.

Patricia Papazoglow

Carson City

Elected officials

need to read preamble

of Constitution

If we the people would take a good look at the preamble to the Constitution, we would realize how many clowns we sent to Washington on both sides of the aisle.

According to the preamble, how can we form a more perfect union when one party vows to obstruct the proposals of the other party even if it’s good for the country or not? How can we provide for the common defense when one party wants to increase military spending, and the other party wants to cut military spending? How do we promote the general welfare when one party wants to tax the rich, and the other party wants to tax the poor? How do we secure the blessing of liberty for ourselves and our posterity when both sides of the aisle are so far apart, including the Supreme Court, who are influenced by party affiliation?

If those on the right would move a bit closer to the left and those on the left would move a bit closer to the right and put more emphasis on what’s good for the country rather than what’s good for the party, we could then abide by and cherish the preamble as a document of a solid united nation.

Gene Ratner

Carson City

Kosher prison

food is a waste

In reference to the suit over kosher prison food, it seems to me when someone is convicted and sent to prison for a crime, as they say, they lose their rights. What is this business of settling a lawsuit of $387,000 (this figure came from the article) to provide food preparations for Jewish inmates?

What a ridiculous reason for spending money that would and could be used for their education. If you commit the crime, you pay your time. This is not the Hilton, it is prison. You shouldn’t get favors, but you are. How disgusting, and I’m helping to pay for this. It’s just too bad all of us out here are unable to share the “common fare menu” when you in there are able to have and request what you want.

The State Board of Examiners needs to be examined for that approval, and the state of Nevada needs the same for approving a “hired kosher consultant.” What a terrible waste of money that could be much better used and to think that my hard earned money is paying for this ludicrous idea, it’s asinine!

It’s too bad also the person who put this “bug in your head” for this didn’t put the same bug in your head to not commit the crime in the first place.

Gwen Candee

Carson City