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Letters to the editor

Climate change isn’t

a one-party issue

It was ironic to find, on the same page as Midge Breeden’s letter chiding Mark Amodei for his quip about the Pledge of Allegiance being a Republican thing, Anne Macquarie’s “Get over it, Grannie” column lambasting Republicans for their denial of climate change. I didn’t know science was a Democratic party issue.

As even the “best doctors” have been known to be wrong and to have strong disagreements with one another, so too the scientists. There are many scientists who disagree with their peers on this matter of climate change. Some scientists say it’s not “man made,” but rather a natural course of events.

To call the Republican party “immoral, deceitful and dangerous” because they do not agree with her position on the matter and failed to make climate change an issue during their convention is as immoral, deceitful and dangerous as it would be to use those same adjectives to describe the Democrats for not wanting to acknowledge God or recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in their party’s platform. How about that “voice vote?”

I, and countless other Republicans, take good care of “granny.” We recycle, use natural resources with care and respect, and respect others’ use of those resources. We try to utilize our resources in clean and conservative ways, but we also believe in progress so that we, our children and grandchildren will have better lives, without “throwing granny under the bus.” Our disagreement with Macquarie does not make us “shameful.” “Thoughtful” would be a better word.

Joan E. Reid

Carson City

Someone has big

plans for found gold

In my opinion, $7 million worth of gold is quite a find, especially when it’s found in the house of a dead man who has no relatives to speak of.

I’ve got to hand it to officials in Carson City for going out of their way to find someone who knows the true value of those coins. However, something smells real fishy to me.

After taxes have been paid and the lawyers take a small share for services rendered, does that mean the so-called distant cousin in California gets the difference leftover?

Gold is inexplicable. It makes certain people think outside the box. Maybe even beckoning them to caress each coin, feeling the tantalizing smoothness of gold upon their fingertips, as greedy little wants or needs drift through their minds.

As the price of gold goes up, I can’t see Nevada or the government handing over a pile of it to someone, after the taxes have been paid on it, just to watch that same person collect even more money on it later on.

Someone has big plans for that gold. I mean, why should someone go through all the trouble of having a bunch of coins appraised, unless of course they have plans for it themselves?

Are other family members really being sought out? Or is this just a ruse to divert the public’s attention away from the story or finding out the truth? Someone is going to get the gold mine all right, while someone else gets the shaft. But that’s just my opinion.

Donald Paetz

Carson City