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Letters to the editor

Give gift of life: Consider making a blood donationAs we approach the holiday season, it would be good to remember that personal satisfaction may be gained from giving to others. A good way to achieve that feeling is to make a blood donation. I just did so this morning at United Blood Services in Carson City. The staff is friendly and always do what they can to make you comfortable. Some people say that they don’t have the time. I would say, “Isn’t it worth an hour of your time to save a life?” You can go to their website at. http://www.unitedbloodservices.org/ to make an appointment or call them at 775-324-6454. Give the gift of life, schedule a blood donation. You will be glad you did.David KnightonCarson CityCity shouldn’t pursue unnecessary projectsSteel yourself, Carson City, the marketing blitz has descended. We are to ignore that the $50 million-plus (including borrowing costs) City Center/Nugget project isn’t needed, can’t be afforded and won’t deliver the promised benefits.A few realities: For four years the city library has needed substantial roof repairs. Instead, the library parking lot was resurfaced and additional computers were purchased. Why build more public facilities when existing ones aren’t adequately maintained? Our city needs annual tax and fee hikes just to survive each fiscal year. With the proposed project, residents will be saddled with the long-term debt per resident of triple-bankrupt San Bernardino, Calif., permanently lose property tax revenues and see more empty commercial buildings.Should local charities be denied funding because the city wants to divert Adams Foundation money for the City Center? Carson City’s four separate public library systems have never considered unification. Why not? Wouldn’t limited foundation money be better invested by consolidating the city library into the underutilized State Library and Archives building, the reality until 1969? The city library trustees and management stubbornly refuse to consider such obvious innovations.The foundation’s marketing dollars would be better spent sponsoring an advertising campaign in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area media outlets touting our community. With California’s punitive tax, cost and regulatory structures, viable businesses with existing, well-paying jobs should enthusiastically embrace Carson City’s abundant virtues.Carson City voters, don’t be duped by cavalier spending, deceptive hyperbole and unachievable promises. Vote “no” on CC #1, the City Center tax hike.Fred VoltzCarson CityReader criticizes Obama for ‘socialism’People, people, people. When are you going to wake up and smell the coffee? Do you see what’s going on in Greece and Spain? They have lived a life of luxury for decades funded by those with the money. When will you wake up and realize the same is about to happen here in the U.S.? If Obama and his “redistribution of wealth” policy is achieved, we will be in the same situation as those countries because it is no less than socialism. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Do the extremely rich need to pay more of a percentage of their wealth? No doubt, yes. Do we need to tax small businesses because they make a profit while adding more jobs because they are successful? No!If Obama is elected for another four years, we will see our country going down the same road as Spain and Greece. We can not sustain a debt of $16 trillion and more, if he is reelected.And by the way, I think Harry Reid needs to go. I think he is suffering from way too many senior moments!Sue BrattainCarson CityVote for Lucky the llamaI can’t take it any more! Obama bad, Romney good, Obama good, Romney bad. There are times when you just have to speak out. Your very soul demands to be heard. It is time to change the public discourse.I think Carson City needs a marketing mascot, and I vote for a llama! First, llamas are cute. They are hard-working beasts of burden and, as far as I know, no one has ever made a horror movie using this animal. In these tough economic times, every citizen needs to step up with ideas and assist community leaders to bring more visitors to Carson City for “heads in beds.”What better marketing image than life-sized bronze llamas called “Lucky” scattered on downtown street corners? Tourists can have their pictures taken with Lucky. Children can play on him. Heck, you could even have “dress up Lucky day” if you had one of these sculptures located outside your place of business. What if we connected Lucky to water and occasionally spray unsuspecting tourists on those hot summers days? There will be many distracters. Some will probably want to use a wild horse or an eagle as the city’s marketing mascot and, of course, and many will say it costs too much. For years Virginia City has been successful using camels, and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, uses a moose with a mouse friend as its community marketing idea. Why not a friendly and lovable llama for Carson City?Vern L. KrahnCarson City