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Letters to the editor

Why do we celebrate Columbus?Why do we celebrate Columbus Day? He had nothing to do with discovering America.Then there is the myth of Thanksgiving in Plymouth Rock. Twenty-two years before Plymouth Rock, a group of Spanish colonists prayed and feasted in 1598, giving thanks for their arrival at the waters of the Rio Grande after making a new trail across the Chihuahuan Desert to what became El Paso del Rio del Norte. The site of this celebration was originally on the Mexican side of the river, which later changed course, placing the location on the U.S. side of the border.Read the documented story at http://www.nmgs.org/art1stThanks.php.Toni GiovanettiDaytonMore smoke and mirrors from presidentAn MSNBC financial analyst, usually left-leaning, is even confused on how the recent unemployment rate fell from 8.1 to 7.8. He stated 120,000 jobs need to be created for the rate to remain at the status quo of 8.1. How did only 114,000 jobs cause the rate to drop from 8.1 to 7.8?My opinion, just more Obama smoke and mirrors.George GerlachGardnervilleLyon’s dog ordinance not strong enoughLyon County needs a leash law. I have a small dog that I walk near my home every morning. He walks on a leash, and I have control of him at all times. However, many people let their dogs roam with nobody watching them or just “let them run” off leash, relinquishing all control of their animal. This would not be a big problem if every dog was docile and friendly, but that is not the case.My dog has been attacked twice while on his leash by bigger, aggressive dogs. Luckily, my dog has healed, and is OK now, but what will happen the next time?I have contacted all five of the Lyon County Commissioners to ask that they pass a leash law, ensuring the safety of all dogs and their owners. They seem to think that it is not necessary, since a current ordinance says that you must have control of your dog at all times. Guess what? That means nothing to many dog owners. This endangers small children, other animals and even unsuspecting adults.I ask those of you that are also concerned about this problem to please contact the Lyon County Commissioners to express your concern. If enough of us let them know that we want a law to insure the safety of children, adults and their animals, maybe they will wake up and do something about it. A leash is not a punishment — it is a safety tool.Arlene CoutsDayton