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Letters to the editor

Time for robocall reform

I would like to thank the Republican National Committee for all the recorded telephone calls I received. I did not realize that I had become so senile that I needed to be reminded 15 times during each day and night who I should vote for.

No party or committee should be allowed to annoy people that way. I am sure that there are many people out there who feel the same way. Something needs to be done. HELP!

Josephine Rospar


Kudos to Sheriff’s Office

In response to Adam Peterson’s letter: I’m appalled that the Nevada Appeal would even print such a letter to the editor without having the facts first. What would Mr. Peterson have done?

I’m so tired of people judging the cops when they do their jobs. People have no respect for the jobs these men and women do. This “citizen” was high on drugs and obviously was not in his right mind. If the cops tell you to comply or to lie down, you better do it, or suffer the consequences. It looks like this guy got what he deserved.

This town is being overrun by thugs and dopers. I’m glad the cops here took care of business. It’s about time we start caring about the cops more than these people who obviously have no respect for the law, do drugs and are a threat to the community.

It’s easy to sit back and judge someone, but who gets up in the morning, puts on their uniform, badge and gun and goes out to serve the public?

I hope Mr. Peterson will call someone other than 911 when someone like that “citizen who was beat up” breaks into his house at 2 a.m. Kudos to the Sheriff’s Department for giving this scumbag what he had coming.

Sabrina Wheeler

Carson City