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Letters to the editor

Lucky to have professional Sheriff’s DepartmentI wish to respond to Mr. Peterson’s recent letter regarding the arrest of a combative individual. Apparently Mr. Peterson did not read the Sheriff’s account of the incident. Two officers attempted to take the subject individual into custody. When the suspect resisted arrest with superior strength, additional backup was called — twice. The suspect was reported to be high on illegal drugs and he continued to resist until he was finally subdued by seven officers, one of whom was injured during the incident.Contrary to Mr. Petersons’ opinion, I have nothing but praise for the Carson City Sheriff’s Department and for Ken Furlong in particular. The Sheriff’s Department is doing an excellent job in suppressing gang activity and keeping Carson City safe for all of us. Let’s support our deputies and first responders for their dedication and professionalism. We are lucky to have them.Jim CrowleyCarson CityRenew funding to diabetes programIn March of 2010, my 8-year-old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This news forever changed his life, as he had plans to enter into the military upon completion of his high school graduation. Now, his future holds a lifetime of finger pricks and shots and limitations of career goals. However, with the assistance of the Special Diabetes Program, his future health and career options may be limitless.Since 1997, the Special Diabetes Program has made significant progress toward conquering type 1 diabetes, a common but serious and costly disease that affects millions of Americans, many of them children. This is a shining example of a federal government program that works and has provided an impressive return on investment. It has forever changed the way diabetes is treated and has accelerated research that will develop an artificial pancreas, and other therapies that will drastically improve the lives of diabetes patients.To continue the numerous large-scale projects and clinical trials across the country that the program supports, the Special Diabetes Program must be renewed in 2012. Research must know with certainty that their funding will continue so that they may effectively maximize research opportunities and allocate funding. To do otherwise would be to jeopardize years of hard work that has benefitedmillions of children.Sen. Harry Reid should continue his leadership in the U.S. Senate and ensure that this critical program is renewed in 2012 so that the vital research needed to cure type 1 diabetes can continue.Dori FieldCarson City