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Letters to the editor

Stop using trails as garbage dump

I live in the Carson Highland area and enjoy walking the dirt trails on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I do not enjoy walking through an ever growing overload of trash and garbage that is being dumped in the area.

Every day, more and more trash is left on the side of the trails, and in some instances, right on the trails. This also includes a dead dog or coyote that has been there for over a week and the smell makes you want to get sick to your stomach. Every day I see vehicles drive by with trash and come back empty, yet no one does a thing about it.

There is a large sign posted that illegal dumping is prohibited by law, but apparently Lyon County or whomever is delegated to enforce the law chooses to totally ignore a state law. The county wants to put in a park for family enjoyment, but who can enjoy a park when there is trash and garbage everywhere?

I suppose that I am just blowing smoke, but why can’t they use the community service offenders or the prisoners to clean up some of this trash? Yes, some of it would require hauling by truck (sofas, furniture, tires, appliances, etc.) but much of it is in bags!

Wow, what a novel idea.

Carol Lundberg

Mound House

Having different opinions is healthy in a Democracy

After seeing all of the post election comments, I want to quote my good friend, Daniel Maberry: “However they voted, not a single person walked into the polls yesterday with the intent of destroying America. Some of them just have different opinions on what’s good for it than you do.”

The tolerance of different opinions is necessary in a Democracy.

Pat Hunter

Carson City

Thank you for allowing wall to visit Carson City

American Veterans Traveling Tribute had the opportunity to bring the Cost of Freedom Tribute to the Carson City in conjunction with Battle Born Days. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of those involved with this event and the community for being so welcoming.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to Harry Ehrman for all of his hard work on sponsorship and coordination to make American Veterans Traveling Tribute involvement in Battle Born Days a possibility. He was our central point of contact and a wonderful representation of your community.

To everyone involved with the escort into town, thank you! It was a wonderful ride. We’d also like to thank Rick Arnold and everyone with VVA Chapter 388 for their assistance with setup, teardown, security, and manning the locator computers at the event itself. Everyone’s support, hard work and dedication to this effort were essential in a successful event. From the planners to the volunteers to the escort participants, everyone was so enthusiastic and dedicated to this event!

Thank you for welcoming us into your community and thank you for taking the time to honor our active duty, veteran, and fallen heroes.

We very much look forward to coming back to Carson City in the future.

Leah DeLuzio

American Veterans Traveling Tribute