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Letters to the editor

Glad the election is over

A few thoughts about the recent presidential election. I will admit to a brief schadenfreude moment while watching the shell-shocked Republican party try to sort out what happened to “rob” them of the presidency on Nov. 6. If the pundits and bobble-headed right wing nut talk show hosts were to be believed, the Romney/Ryan ticket would absolutely sweep into office on a landslide. Didn’t happen.

I would have voted against these candidates for many reasons, but one very big one would have been the ceaseless robo-calls from the RNC on behalf of Mitt Romney in the closing days. One morning, I received calls about every 15-25 minutes. They reeked of desperation on the part of the RNC. The voices of total strangers, Mitt Romney and even our own Gov. Sandoval intruded upon my privacy and the peaceful enjoyment of my home until, to paraphrase Peggy Noonan, I wanted to poke out my eyeballs and stomp on the goo. Robo-calls should be illegal. They amount to nothing more than harassment and stalking of voters and, at least from my perspective, backfired on a mammoth scale.

I for one am glad the election is behind us. Maybe now we can come together as Americans, not Democrats or Republicans or Independents and begin the process of healing and closing the horrible divides that this past election cycle has created. It was without a doubt one of the most vicious and disgusting I have ever seen.

God bless us all.

Linda Hoxsie

Carson City

Walmart protesters not savvy

It’s obvious the Bakers Union vs. Hostess hasn’t sunk in yet. Thousands of loyal rank and file union workers are losing their jobs, but they will still be expected to pay dues, believing (hoping) the union will get them another. Regardless of what happens, the union bosses with the diamond rings and $500 suits will still be there raking in their big bucks.

Unions are backing this protest hoping to get their foot in Walmart’s door. They have been trying for years. If that ever happens, you’re wages will go up, you’ll get nice juicy benefits and all the holiday pay you can stand.

In the meantime, Walmart’s pricing will go up. Some stores might close. Now you are going to pay a lot more for goods and services they currently offer. That will effect your pay check as well as everyone elses. Now the people that are out of work and still having to support their households will lose a shopping resource with reasonable prices they can afford.

The savvy Walmart employees are in the store doing their job and keeping it. If your job at Walmart doesn’t suit you, look for one that does. Lot’s of luck! You obviously haven’t heard about our in the tank economy. Lot’s of people are lined up to gladly get the job you’re not happy with. You will now be able to take you’re turn in line at the unemployment office.

Bob Hunt

Carson City