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Letters to the editor

Alcohol is worse than potGuy Farmer’s column against marijuana legalization has hit new lows for logical thinking. He ends his column with, “In summary, drugs aren’t dangerous because they’re illegal, they’re illegal because they’re dangerous. Think about it.”I did think about it. There are numerous studies showing alcohol, for example, being far more dangerous than marijuana. Alcohol is linked to 2.5 million deaths a year through heart and liver problems, road accidents, suicides and cancer, as reported by Dr. Cynara Coomer citing a British study on Fox News. That same study stated alcohol is more dangerous than crack and heroin. But according to Mr. Farmer’s logic, alcohol isn’t dangerous because it’s legal. The same can be said for tobacco use.If drugs are illegal because they’re dangerous, then alcohol and tobacco would be, by Mr. Farmer’s logic, illegal as well. He also cites a study that says a high percentage of criminals regularly smoke pot. I truly suspect (and it wouldn’t take a study to show) there is far more alcohol and tobacco use among criminals than marijuana use. Using Mr. Farmer’s logic, he actually should be strongly advocating for making alcohol and tobacco illegal. Or on the other hand, advocating to make marijuana legal as well.I don’t understand how one can be against marijuana being legal, given how it stacks up against alcohol and tobacco. If you don’t like marijuana then don’t use it, but stop using fear tactics about how dangerous it is to keep others from using it.Alan BanfieldCarson CityFamily still searching for loved oneIt has been one year since the disappearance of William Ravenelle Jr. from Elko. There are no leads in the case and authorities in Elko have no news to share with his family. The family of William Ravenelle Jr. want to remind the public that he is still missing.If anyone knows anything of the disappearance of William on Nov. 19, 2011, from the Comfort Inn in Elko, please contact the Elko Police Department.Renee MooreLathrop, Calif.