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Letters to the editor

Horseshoe Casino, Carson Station respectful during time of mourning

I lost my wife, Nancy Crump Kenton, on Nov. 17. Her funeral was on Nov. 21 of this year.

The Horseshoe Casino and the Carson Station went out of their way to show respect to my wife.

To honor her passing, they donated to my wife and to me anything they could do to help in my loss, a complimentary room for my family to stay at no charge, and after the funeral they furnished food at no cost for the family.

The Horseshoe Club sent flowers and I want to thank both casinos for the support they have given to me in the loss of my wife. They are so good to me in this loss. Both casinos’ employees have big hearts.

I want to thank Carson Station and the Horseshoe Club for being there for me. I deeply appreciate their compassion and the employees of both casinos. Thank you.

Jack Kenton

Carson City

Don’t trust global warming petition

In the Nov. 15 edition of the Appeal, David Schumann responded to a letter from Jon Nowlin. He asserted that physicist Edward Teller, contrary to Nowlin’s contention, did sign an Oregon Institute for Science and Medicine petition opposing man-caused global warming. It doesn’t matter whether Schumann or Nowlin is correct because neither Teller nor the Oregon Institute deserve our trust.

Teller was not a climate scientist, and he was known for subverting science in order to advance government policy. Teller joined in a cover-up of the seismic detectibility of underground atomic tests in Nevada to prevent a test ban treaty.

As for the Oregon Institute for Science and Medicine, it is not an institute and has little to do with science or medicine. The petition reads, “31,487 American scientists have signed this petition, including 9,029 with PhDs.” The claim that they are all scientists is nonsense. Those who are scientists are often not climate scientists. Among those whose names have appeared on the petition are John Grisham, Michael J. Fox, Frank Burns, B. J. Honeycutt, Benjamin Pierce and Geraldine Halliwell. At least 21 of the Nevadans are medical doctors, not climate scientists. Two are veterinarians. Some are dead.

Retired research geologist Larry Joe Garside told me he signed the petition many years ago. “As far as I can tell, they don’t ever refresh or renew their list,” he said. He also said, “I’m not sure that I would sign that again today… I think I still actually doubt if we have all the information on causes, but I don’t doubt that we have global warming.”

Dennis Myers