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Letters to the editor

Get your facts straightRegarding Mr. Crawford’s letter on Nov. 21, I am outraged at the racial slurs and bigotry. Color doesn’t determine your vote. It’s people’s opinions like yours that keep our nation separated and ignorant. It seems that you would be the person who voted based on race. You seem to not, even now after the elections, know what the facts are. I urge you to take a look at http://www.Factcheck.org, a site that isn’t politically biased and just search Mitt Romney and you will find over 1,000 articles. These articles cite his stretched truths and outright lies. The GOP didn’t win because, like you, they can’t accept that our world is changing. The minority is becoming the majority. Accept the differences. Don’t waste your time on hate. Mitt Romney and other Republicans didn’t face the facts and didn’t build their platforms to represent our diverse nation. That is why they lost. I also would like to tell you that there were a record documented 533 lies from Mr. Romney in a 30-week time span and his pollster Neil Newhouse is on record saying “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by factcheckers.”So I urge you, Mr. Crawford, to check your facts before writing a letter that makes you sound uneducated, uniformed and unenlightened. The choice was made by the people, not by one race or because of lies. The fact is we as Americans chose to re-elect an honest man to lead our nation.Kayla CovertCarson CityFederal budget plans questionedThe budget: An argument over $270 billion in Social Security and Medicare savings over the next decade and a raise in tax for those 3 percent of households earning more than $250,000 a year. They have to be kidding, right?The deficit is $16 trillion and rising. Most of us would count ourselves fortunate to have a hundred grand in the bank, but it takes 10 times that just to make a million. Multiply that by a thousand to make a billion and another thousand of that to get to a trillion. They’re talking small change, pennies taken from those who already have nothing to give, along with the price of everything going up and about to get worse. Nickels scalped from a few people enterprising enough to somehow thrive under a despotic oligarchy.It is surely a measure of how poor we’ve become as a nation of people when a person making just $200,000 a year can count themselves among the top 3 percent of earners while so much wealth exists. Sixteen trillion dollars is just our debt. How much is our net worth? What values have other nations taken from us by the pillaging money-mongers and greedy corporate behemoths? No argument is given for making them pay for the privilege of doing business here. It’s a show, a sham, a blind, and a wooden nickel to those who would insult our intelligence by trying to foist it of on us as legitimate.Kelly JonesCarson CityGovernment needs more private-sector contracting In response to “Municipal services benefit every one,” some municipal services benefit everyone, but why do we have public employees doing jobs that are better performed by the private sector?Why are public employees doing painting, plumbing, road maintenance, landscaping and vehicle maintenance among other tasks? Why should the taxpayer assume long-term pension and health care costs for functions that could, and should, be done by private industry? Just look to the west to see how bloated public employee roles are destroying the once-great state of California.Envision a municipal government that consists of police, fire, code enforcement and contract compliance to manage the outsourced functions.Mickey MillerCarson City