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Letters to the editor

Thanks for a Christmas blessingOn Monday as I was in line at the post office to send off a Christmas package, a precious little girl about three or four years old with her mother was handing out candy canes to the people in line, and the little one was wishing us a merry Christmas.What a beautiful Christmas blessing. Thank you little one, as my day was much brighter because of you. May God bless you and your mommy for keeping the merry in Christmas.Barbara SandersCarson CityDid elections change anything?The elections are over and the country is back to normal. But has anything really changed? Hope and change. Sounds good. But unless our country is led by and its people follow the spirit of its creator, nothing good can come from or truly be changed by the plottings of mankind. And where is the hope? “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every good thing will follow.” Have we really given this approach a try? The evidence shows that with all of the bitterness and division seen in our recent political campaigns and with morality steadily declining as seen in our morning headlines, we haven’t given it a real try. Look into ourselves too and answer, “Could I be a more faithful and goodly person?”Now consider history. As in the days of the decadent city of Nineveh, our USA needs to reform too. Nineveh did repent and God relented in his punishment of that city. “The Lord is good and kind, slow to anger and rich in mercy.” There is the hope that we’re looking for. So dear fiends, have hope and return to the godly ways of our Maker and Redeemer for his return is within our lifetime as seen by the signs of our times.John Mark MatsonMedford, Ore.Illegal border crossings make no senseAs a legal alien, U.S. veteran 1967-70 and now citizen, the crossing of individuals who profess they must use non-legal means is ridiculous. To cross legally is less than $1,000, to cross illegally is up to $10,000. The most common comment we hear is, “I need to cross because I can’t afford to support my family.” Excuse me? You just dropped $10,000 on the off chance you’d make it when you could have spent $1,000 and been guaranteed an entry. Something smells here, especially when the individual will try again next week.Patrick Blackburn-ElliotCarson City