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Letters to the editor

Elimination of proficiency exams a bad ideaThe proposal by the Nevada Legislature to eliminate the proficiency exams in math, reading, writing and science to graduate in replace with some other requirement is not what’s best for students. Many students aren’t passing the proficiency exams and have to retake them several times to pass or they don’t at all, which leads them to not graduate from high school. The main issue with proficiency exams is that students are ill-prepared on the material on those exams, which leads to the problem of many not passing. Teachers, during the time leading up to the proficiency exams in junior year of high school, should spend more time putting emphasis on what is actually covered and not on inapplicable material. The problem is that some teachers may not be teaching properly or they just have too much to cram into the school year.The answered proposal of eliminating all proficiency exams altogether or just replacing with end-of-course tests will not solve this issue but instead keep what’s in place already then add some reforms, otherwise you are sending kids the wrong message.Bill MillerLas VegasNation close to bottoming outI would like to respond to a letter to the editor from Bill Beil on Dec. 4. He stated a lot of great, intelligent points regarding our downfall of America. However, there are some additional matters that must be addressed.First off, I strongly disagree on Bill’s stance regarding homosexuality. If he feels that uncomfortable around those type of people, I do not have a problem with that. But what I don’t appreciate is when he or another person continues to publicly chastise said individuals in the Appeal.Second, I do agree that the pot problem has become rampant. Congress needs to enforce our current laws by cracking down on illegal drug use or trades. We also need to educate the general public by offering free or low cost education courses on the dangers of deadly drugs.Third, we need to have more border patrol agents. I’m just so tired of the illegal immigrants entering our country without taking the time to fill out all of the necessary paperwork. I also don’t like them stealing our jobs or getting free medical care at the taxpayers’ expense.Finally, in the last few years, our nation has suffered from mass shootings. As if our own local restaurant shooting in September 2011 wasn’t bad enough, we’ve had six to ten more nationwide since then. With all of this madness, I’m extremely worried that our nation will bottom out.Joshua A. DealyCarson City