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Letters to the editor

President needs to do the job he was elected to do

It’s your mess Mr. President, not Bush’s or ATM’s or people who “didn’t build that” or the multitude of other excuses that you have offered up the past four years.

You have inherited a gigantic mess due to your inept management of the world’s greatest society. Along with puppets Reid, Pelosi and other Democrat lapdogs covering your backside, you have sadly lived up to your pledge to “Fundamentally change America.” In fairness, you never said that your vision of fundamental change was to make America better and stronger, but now we know that your intentions are exactly the opposite and changing your direction is nonevident.

Conservatives are going through a period of self-flagellation, trying to understand while pundits and the “chattering class” are having a field day opining why the Republicans lost. A majority of voters either willingly or through necessity now are dependent on government and many are happy and content to do so. There are more “takers than givers” of government largess, less taxpayers and more tax takers. Your policies, Mr. President, propagate these conditions as you steer the U.S. toward Europe and their own failed socialist policies.

Sadly, the society that believes in freedom and self-dependence and built this country into the greatest in history, is fading away and being replaced by liberal-progressives who believe in total government control. The scales have tipped in the wrong direction, perhaps never to return. It’s your mess Mr. President.

Bill Johnston

Carson City

Standing behind Teller’s scientific findings

Dennis Myers has a friend who tells him that “I don’t doubt we have global warming.” It is nowhere near as warm as it was during the medieval warming period of the mid-tenth to mid-thirteenth centuries.

Dennis Myers likes to insult Edward Teller, but the fact is he was one of the greatest scientists of our age. Instead of insulting Edward Teller, Mr. Myers should check the U.N. Intergovernmental Climate Panel. At their meeting at the University of East Anglia, they used the made-up numbers of Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” graph to claim that mankind was warming the earth. Mankind has not been able to warm the earth up to the temperature range it was during the medieval warming. With all our cars and other CO2 emitting equipment, we have failed to warm the earth up to where it was in the 10th century.

The fact is anthropogenic “global warming” is a hoax. The sun warmed the earth during the medieval warming period, and it is doing so today. If mankind was trying to equal what the sun did during the medieval warming, any objective observer would have to say we have failed. Global warming is due to the sun, not to anything we have done. Insulting one of the greatest scientists doesn’t make anthropogenic global warming true.

Mr. Myers, perhaps you and Mr. Nowlin could get together and investigate the fraud that was perpetrated by the U.N. at the University of East Anglia.

David K. Schumann


Polar Express is a special trip for entire family

A wonderful evening we spent on the Polar Express. The train beautifully decorated, the conductor, Santa’s little helpers, hot chocolate, cookies and carols. A reading of the “The Polar Express” story was very special. Santa’s village was a surprise lighting up the night sky. His helpers greeting the train – such fun.

We wish to thank Kevin Ray and Dwight Millard, all their helpers and volunteers for an evening to be remembered forever.

We are making plans for next year because this ride is a must.

Thank you from the Mellor and Mandel families.

Gillian A. Mellor

Carson City

Pack has respect for Boise

The headline in the Sports section of last Friday’s edition caught my eye: “Hated Boise State invades Mackay Stadium.”

We have a healthy and competitive sports rivalry with Boise State, but we don’t hate their team, their school, their town, or anyone associated with Boise State. It is sad that the rivalry will likely be on hiatus for a while, since Boise State is moving to the Big East conference. Strong programs like theirs have served to help Nevada. Our athletes with all of our programs have stretched to greater heights, as our teams have sought to match them. Good competition like that has proved to be good for both universities, and they will be hard to replace with a comparable program on our schedule.

The citizens from Northern Nevada and Boise have a lot more in common than we have differences. We are both loyal supporters of our universities, come from hard-working stock and have good, traditional values. The citizens of both areas love hard fought athletic contests, and most of us have formed enduring friendships with the Boise fans.

No matter who the University of Nevada plays, I hope that our citizens and all of our university community will express the highest standards of great sportsmanship and that we all make sure visitors know that they are welcome here in the Reno-Tahoe area. In these tough economic times, we need every visitor we can get, but treating visitors with genuine friendliness is just the right thing to do.

J. Tyler Ballance