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Letters to the editor

Re-think choices in job marketWe all know the job market is tough these days. Salary levels are being reduced and employees still on the job must take on additional work; and it doesn’t always result in increased productivity or quality.My gripe is having qualified people being turned down for jobs because of being “over qualified.” I would assume a smart company coming across one of these candidates would jump at a chance to discuss possibilities with just such a person. To me it’s just a way around “age discrimination.”So what if the prospect is of or nearing retirement age! If age isn’t being discriminated, then why not hire someone willing to take a cut in pay because he or she enjoys working, doesn’t need medical and is healthy and knows the ins and outs of the job already? Agree to a special contract between you if the company is afraid of losing that employee to a better paying job, maybe the candidate has full military retirement and doesn’t need medical coverage… the company could save money because the person doesn’t require medical, maybe barter for more days off instead of pay.There are good ol’ guys out there that love what they do and just want to be closer to home. What do you say? Re-think your choice. Give them a chance. Merry Christmas.Diana MalonCarson CityParties need to start working togetherSince August of 2011, Congress and the White House have known about the looming “fiscal cliff.” But here we are days from the deadline, and while we wait, they refuse to work together. Both parties share the power, and like spoiled children neither is willing to compromise. If they don’t start working together, our economy will be heading back into recession. They need to tell the truth and start with the same facts. They need to look to the future. They need to put their country first. They need to stop putting the next election and their parties’ need for political advantage first.Finally, the leadership of both parties needs to work together to get things done. If you want to see leadership in Washington sign on at NOLabels.org.Suzanne PattonGardnerville