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Letters to the editor

Shop around for medical services

My wife and I have a significant co-pay on our medical insurance and had been told to “shop around” for testing and treatments.

Without naming the medical facilities, we looked into the cost of a CT scan. At one location it was $1,999, but we found another facility that offered the same test for $318. And this was not someone who told us to come around the side of their garage, it was a fine facility with all new equipment.

We had a similar experience with a blood test, that one facility charged us over $1,200 (of which only $500 was covered by insurance), while I found another location that offered the same test for under $300.

So, shop around and save.

Gary Marshall


CHS’s Gay-Straight Alliance praised

As 2012 comes to a close, I would like to congratulate the forward-thinking students and staff of Carson High School on forming a Gay-Straight Alliance Club.

As a gay adult who suffered through the torment of bullying by students and teachers alike in an era of misunderstanding and ignorance, I know firsthand how important support from one’s peers and those whose job it is to protect and educate you. A safe environment where you can discuss your concerns about the future of your lives is of utmost importance.

Yes, in this sometimes closed-minded community we live in, there will be those that are appalled that your school should allow such a club to exist. This is already evident In the fact that some students have already shown their ignorance by trying to prevent you getting started, but you shall prevail through education and example. Congratulations.

George J. Gosselin

Carson City