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Letters to the editor

Read the discussions about Agenda 21Clearly Mr. Nowlin did not investigate the fraud that was perpetrated by the U.N. at the University of East Anglia when the U.N. made up the numbers creating climate change. Now he fantasizes about Agenda 21.Mr. Nowlin, instead of ignoring the efforts by the U.N. to get involved in governance all over the world, why don’t you look at what they actually do? Have you looked into the U.N.’s “Law of the Sea Treaty,” aka “LOST?” The U.S. Senate has refused to agree to that treaty under which the U.S. would be forbidden to drill for oil in our offshore waters, and the movements of the U.S. Navy would be severely restricted. Have you looked into the U.N. convention on small arms? The U.N. convention on small arms would allow the U.N. to send agents to your house to take possession of any guns you might have. Thankfully, the Senate has not yet approved this one either. Please read the U.N. discussions on Agenda 21.David K. SchumannMindenGov. Sandoval makes right choice for judgeThank you Gov. Sandoval for choosing the most qualified and well-rounded candidate for district court judge here in Douglas County. Mr. Young has represented people from all walks of life and not just a select few. He has done so kindly, proudly and to the fullest extent of the law without discrimination, intimidation or prejudice. Mr. Young is truly a respected gentleman in our community and we look forward to a long, successful judgeship for him.Thanks also to everyone that got involved in this important process by writing letters both pro and con.Jim and Terri BraswellGardnerville