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Letters to the editor

Sandy Hook not like abortionI read Kelly Madison’s letter on Dec. 30 and I am at a loss as to how the anti-abortion issue equates to the Sandy Hook incident. I am also wondering how it can be said, “the blame rests with society.” I have listened to the arguments both pro and con regarding the abortion issue and have always asked only one question: are you willing to adopt or foster those children that you so desperately want to be born? I have never received a direct answer. It would seem that actually taking responsibility for those born does not lie with them.I do agree with the fact that the blame for massacres like the Sandy Hook incident do rest with society but not for the same reasons Kelly Madison thinks. Are you one of those parents that allow your children to watch movies like “The Dark Knight Rises?” Do you buy your children video games meant for adults and allow them to play them? Do you allow your children to watch TV shows like “The Simpsons” that depict parents as stupid and foster disrespect? Do you allow your children to watch TV shows that depict violence as an everyday occurrence? If you do, then you are contributing to the desensitization of our youth and allowing them to lose the ability to reason and understand the value of life. This is the culture you are contributing to as current societal norms.Elfyn O’HalloranCarson CityGuns aren’t needed, just wantedIn the debate following the horrific murders, one question I hear is “Why does anyone need a gun like that?” In the strictest sense, nobody “needs” one, the same way nobody “needs” a Lexus, diamond ring or goldfish.Over a 20-year military career, my assigned weapon was almost always an M16. I learned how to shoot it, maintain it and respect it. I was fortunate that I never had to shoot another human being with it, but I knew how if I had to.There are a lot of veterans who have had similar experiences. They don’t necessarily hunt, or cower in a corner waiting for the apocalypse. They shoot for sport and relaxation. For handling coyotes or other predators, it works just fine. Virtually every person who owns one of these rifles would willingly risk their lives to defend others from the dangerous predators in society.Who needs one? Nobody “needs” one — but I remember during the Arab oil embargo the national speed limit was 55 mph. The cars that were built could go faster — a lot faster. Who “needed” a car that could go faster than the speed limit? Nobody. But people still wanted them, and as long as they didn’t break the law with them, they could keep on buying them, even if once in awhile somebody used that car to break the law. It was the driver — or the gun owner — who chose how to use what they had.Gary M. CollierGardnervilleTeachers with Tasers is ridiculousThis is in response to the “Arm Teachers with Tasers Not Guns” letter. Plain and simple, that is ridiculous to think a Taser would win over a crazed gunman. The letter even says that an armed guard could be “out-gunned,” so what makes you think a Taser would win? I’ve never seen a police officer pull out his Taser when a subject has a gun. Why? Because even the officer knows that he would lose that battle.Chris GrahamCarson CityAgenda 21 backers have a motiveCurious, now we can dismiss an opinion out of hand by calling it a rant or conspiracy theory. When reading of UN Agenda 21 in this paper, I could not wholly put it past them. No one operates without a motive.The UN, or the people behind it, have an agenda. I just don’t think it is this “21” agenda. It sounds too communist. The evidence is there. Take a look around you. What commodity or provision that we find necessary in this modern world is not already controlled by two, or possibly three, entities?The agenda is, and always has been, to divide the world among the kings of commerce. And it is almost complete.Kelly JonesCarson CityAgenda 21 is not a conspiracyJon Nowlin and Chuck Duarte’s letters appear to come from the same document, just slightly modified and their opposition came from a lack of understanding of the Agenda 21 enforcement activities and issues.Here are some web sites that they and curious others check out: http://www.didyouknowonline.com, http://www.americanpolicy.org/issues, http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sm8bwCpo_c&feature=youtu.be and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9mxJ36PEJY&feature=youtu.be. Google “Agenda 21” where you’ll find many more. For an hour-long subversion of our rights movie, look at http://vimeo.com/52009124. Read “Behind The Green Mask” by avowed liberal author Rosa Koire.The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives AKA Local Governments for Sustainability has a strategic plan for implementation, which is unavailable except for members. They are an underground organization.A recent joint Association of Bay Area Governments and Metropolitan Transportation Commission meeting drew a standing-room only of over 100 opposing the proposed Stack ‘n Pack housing “One Bay Area Plan,” which eliminates private property forcing suburban dwellers into high-density residential hubs.Maurice Strong, founder of the UN environmental program stated: “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”Clinton’s President’s Council on sustainable development wrote an implementation guidebook that was delivered to every city, county, state and school for training and use.Agenda 21 is real and being promoted and implemented in the US.Stuart PosseltMinden