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Letters to the editor

Obama is right on debt ceiling negotiationsI note President Obama stating that he “will not negotiate” with Congress regarding the debt ceiling. He has stated that Congress should pick up the bill for what they themselves have obligated the taxpayer. For as much as I find Obama’s policies anathema to all things constitutional, he’s right. So, the derelicts in Congress should honor their dereliction of duty? Great irony. Pity the savers and the productive, as they are going to become an endangered species. David Y. Cantwell GenoaMake your own decision on Agenda 21Given the recent letters regarding Agenda 21, I can imagine not only will passionate responses be received, but passionate dismissals as well. As one who has studied many issues deemed conspiracy theory, I would like to offer a different approach to this term. It has been spun, twisted and used by the mass media to cause people to immediately assume anything labeled such has no merit. I have seen this myself many times.After years of study and coming to my own conclusions and opinions, I propose the Nevada Appeal and anyone reading to spin this term back to everyone’s advantage. When you hear it or see it written, go against what you have been programmed to do and study the issue. Get many facts from many sources, study with an open mind, a keen sense of what is ridiculous and remember the big picture. Make up your own mind as to whether any particular issue has merit. Then you have something no one can brainwash, dictate or take away from you. Your own conclusion.Whatever you decide, at least you will know where you stand and what you are willing to fight for, and get to fighting for it! The only universal answers are there is no conspiracy about it, it is being done right in front of your face, that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the best weapon against such corruption is knowledge.Nita SmithCarson City