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Letters to the editor

Help is needed to save Carson wild horse herd

It’s getting close to that time of year again when many citizens of Carson converge out off of Deer Run Road to see the newest members of Carson’s wild horse herd. But sadly this year there will be no more wild herd due to the roundup of the BLM.

I’ll make this simple. If the folks of Carson still would like to visit with these peaceful creatures, we need help in saving them. Email representatives at mpool@blm.gov, dean.heller@mta.hilltops.gov and info@messages.whitehouse.gov.

If any one knows of any other contacts pertinent to this cause, please pass it on. Time is of the essence. Please let them know “we object to the gathering of the wild horses on Deer Run Road. They have not created any problems.”

There are now only six horses left, BLM has removed the other four without cause. Please help.

Janice Stillions

Carson City

Tahoe eminent domain takings a joint project

It is just as well the Sierra Club were not filing lawsuits 50 years ago before the Tahoe ecosystem was overwhelmed by development. I’m sure we’re all impressed by the newly formed “collaborative effort” put in pace by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and its landowning clients.

In my travels when comparing Lake Tahoe with places like Redfish Lake in Idaho, Yellowstone Lake or Fremont Lake in Wyoming, or Lake McDonald and Saint Mary Lake in Montana, Tahoe seems like a high-altitude disaster zone.

The only thing which can turn Tahoe around is a “collaborative” eminent domain re-takings of the Tahoe ecosystem by the American public, the true owners of Lake Tahoe.

Gene Robinson

Carson City

Lawmakers, learn from Branch Rickey’s motto

Branch Rickey, the well known baseball executive, had a motto hanging on the wall of his office.

This should be on the wall of all 535 legislators: “He that will not reason is a bigot; he that cannot reason is a fool; and he who dares not reason is a slave.”

Ronald Adams