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Letters to the editor

Gay teen deserves our respect, not derisionIn response to the letter titled “All Teens Must Choose: Devil’s Lies or God’s Truth,” I wish people would leave this kid alone! It took a lot of courage to share his story and find a way to support other teens who are dealing with being gay. Different strokes for different folks! Nobody is lying to him. And he is being honest about his sexuality, and nobody should fault him for it. We should accept people for who they are. He is helping others, not breaking any laws. And his honesty is refreshing. Judge not lest ye be judged! I feel pity for the person who wrote that letter! Cathy StrouseCarson CityTake down the fences and re-stripe Carson St.The proposal to remove the barrier fencing on Carson Street, stripe for parallel parking and single travel lane in each direction, begs a trial. It has been said that “studies” have cost the city more than this proposed change. This is a chance to give us a study in action. Let us be part of that study. Take down the fences and re-stripe Carson Street. At this juncture, it seems the most practical thing to do.It’s unlikely there will again be such a feasible, inexpensive opportunity to so dramatically increase the focus on our historic downtown.Kathi GiurlaniCarson City