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Letters to the editor

Opening Ormsby House should be board’s focusI really can’t believe or understand the reasoning of the Supervisors to even consider reducing downtown Carson Street, a main highway through our town, to one lane in each direction.One of the arguments in favor of this idea is parking. That is like an accident waiting to happen when someone has to back out on a one-way main street into traffic.If the Supervisors would give more consideration to helping the owners of the Ormsby House to reopen, it would benefit all the area downtown. It is a beautiful hotel casino with a great garage for ample parking. This could also benefit the merchants on Carson Street and increase the foot traffic, which could encourage businesses to open in the vacant spaces.Boni Lee GableCarson CityObama should achieve goals, not recycle themJust a few thoughts on the State of the Union Address.Regarding shovel-ready jobs, if I recall we got that promise in 2008 … still waiting. Reducing the deficit, wasn’t that supposed to happen in Obama’s first four years? Federal money does not come from the “tooth-fairy.” In Obama’s “you deserve a vote” speech, what exactly is the proposed legislation? Is this another “let’s just pass it and see what’s in it?”Another 2008 promise: “All spending bills will be gone over item by item line by line and will have no earmarks before I sign it.”Guy and Judy WooleyDayton