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Letters to the editor

Senators should adopt Nevada sovereignty billI’m writing to urge the Nevada State Senate to adopt Senate Joint Resolution 3, which asserts Nevada’s state sovereignty.Sen. James Settelmeyer, R-Minden, recently submitted Senate Joint Resolution 3 to the Legislative Operations and Elections Committee, which would put elected U.S. officials on notice that Nevada will not enact federal mandates unsupported by the Constitution.The Tenth Amendment limits the federal government’s powers to those specified in the Constitution and reserves all other powers to the state. Sen. Settelmeyer cited recent examples of the federal government issuing expensive, scientifically unsupported regulations regarding arsenic levels in drinking water and rezoning land that has never been flooded into a flood plain. Please contact Sen. Pat Spearman, committee chairman, and urge her to adopt Senate Joint Resolution 3.Lynn MuzzyMindenReid’s term-limits talk shows he’s disconnectedI do believe Harry Reid has lost touch with his constituents. We wanted the term limits and everyone I have talked to wants term limits for all of our representatives. The only ones it seems that don’t are the ones that went to Washington worth a hundred thousand and are now worth millions. What are they doing to get that much money? Why do Democrats want to let criminals vote? It’s a state law you have to have an ID, so there must be a program for the truly poor to get one. So Harry’s argument about the poor and elderly not having ID does not wash. So people without ID are criminals. Why do the Democrats want criminals to vote?Rob CobbCarson City