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Letters to the editor 6-10

O’Reilly, Olbermann don’t represent majority

I have absolutely had it with the journalists, news commentators and pundits, whom for whatever reason, seem to be appealing to the extremes of both the left and right. Neither Bill O’Reilly nor Keith Olbermann represent the views of the centrists of our country, which in toto are greater in numbers than the sum of both extremes.

The O’Reilly/Olbermanns are, in my opinion, sensationalists who very successfully stir the pot of discontent. That’s all they do, certainly no value added there.

I want the news or commentary masquerading as the news to be accurate, unfiltered and unadulterated. I don’t need other people to think or draw conclusions for me. Just give me accurate facts and I will formulate my own opinions and conclusions. Is that too much to ask for?


Carson City

Creation of pay czar

is fascism at work

Today, June 5, 2009, the day after he appointed a Great Lakes czar, we hear President Obama is appointing a special master for pay compensation, i.e., a pay czar. Attorney Kenneth Feinberg (who ably handled the federal oversight of compensation paid to families of 9/11 victims), will decide how much any company that received TARP funds can pay its executives.

This probably means politicians can call him to make “special requests” for their buddies. The rules regarding compensation were not in place when banks accepted TARP funds, and since then the rules have changed several times. Yet the banks are not allowed to pay back the funds and opt out of government control. Will this soon apply to every company?

This is your new government in action. Fascism reigns rampant.


Topaz Lake

Invest in our future with nuke waste recycling

Sen. Ensign and Sen. Reid are missing the point about Yucca Mountain. We shouldn’t accept nuclear waste because we want the Feds to send us money.

We should accept nuclear waste because our state has the foresight the Feds lack. Nuclear power is the best way to solve our fuel shortage long-term. If France is smart enough to tap nuclear power, surely the U.S. is?

Nevada needs to convince the Feds to recycle the spent fuel, not bury it. This is an investment in our country’s future. I know Nevadans don’t like nuclear waste coming here but I think they’d be far more disposed if the waste came in, was recycled, and went back out.

Our state has a small population and lots of wide open space. We are the logical choice for this project. So let’s use this situation to our advantage and create an industry that is good for us and good for our country.