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Letters to the editor 6-18

Problem intersection

needs additional signs

I was born and raised here in Carson City and have been living off Lompa Lane for the past 9 years. Since the freeway was put in I have seen problems at the intersection of Carmine Street and Lompa Lane under the overpass, which only has stop signs for west and east bound lanes of traffic.

Now that I live on this side of town and have to drive through that problem intersection quite often, I had a thought that the two unnecessary stop signs that were put up for the drive-through at the east branch post office maybe could be put on the north and south bound intersection of Carmine and Lompa Lane.

It’s just a thought for the city or Nevada Department of Transportation to consider. I’m sure I am not the only one afraid to drive through that intersection. A few years ago, I almost got hit by someone running the stop sign going east on Carmine while I was going home.


Carson City

This bright idea

takes the cake

There was an interesting article in the June 10 paper regarding a bill Sen. Harry Reid is presenting to the Senate. I thought the article was a joke until a phone call to the editor assured me it was the gospel truth (something that seldom comes out of Washington).

Reid wants Americans to designate some or all of their income tax refunds to the Reserve Income Replacement Program to provide support to National Guard members who are called to active service.

May I suggest to Harry Reid that instead of asking American taxpayers to finance this program through donations of income tax refunds, the powers that be in Washington first collect the unpaid taxes from the professional politicians who were offered government jobs instead of jail sentences for tax evasion. (Al Capone went to jail.)

Second, pay our service men and women a decent salary (if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have a country), the salary to be financed by the billions we are forking out to other countries, bankrupt big companies, etc. who haven’t done much of anything for America.

The evening news on June 9 gave information about the current idea of paying millions to Palau to take 19 Chinese Muslims from Gitmo. That money could and should be allocated to our servicemen so their families aren’t in financial difficulty while the servicemen are protecting our country – the politicians certainly aren’t.

We all know that Congress is not populated by the brightest characters who ever came down the pike, but this idea takes the cake.


Carson City

People in hot places

want ice water, too

Regarding Nikki Campbell’s letter of April 4:

May I suggest she, first, look up the definition of the word “religious” and read the Declaration of Independence again, which specifies: ” … When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, …” She will find reference in our Constitution to that same creator from whom we assumed our rights.

As for the … “trauma, tragedy, deprivation …” of those raised with a correct understanding of the difference between “right and wrong” or ” … what is reasonable and supportive …”

God’s laws are commandments, not suggestions. Our laws are laws, which we expect each to uphold, which not all do. Abortion is murder …. regardless of the excuse for killing the unborn. Worse, is expecting we, the people, who do not support it, to pay for it.

So, basically, what she is saying is … if we don’t want to follow the law, for whatever reason, others should not expect us to do so. People in hell want ice water, too.

Economic problems: When mankind does not listen, God has to use something to get our attention. Get the picture?

If we still do not listen, He could inflict a third World War, recompense for failure to obey His law.