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Letters to the editor 6-19

Put this in your

pipe and smoke it

Enough already. In the words of Popeye the Sailor just before snorting his sacred spinach through that old pipe, “That’s all I can stands, ’cause I can’t stands no more.”

Harry Fowler’s recent imbecilic attack on Eugene Paslov is just plain ludicrous. I for one find his commentaries intelligent, thought-provoking, well-researched and insightful. In a newspaper that now publishes on a regular basis the rantings of neo-con Michael Reagan, the similar “Johnny One-Note” diatribes of Chuck Muth and Ty Cobb, and has taken to insulting the rest of us with the most idiotic non-journalist of our times, Billo the Clown (O’Reilly), Paslov’s columns are indeed a breath of fresh air.

Mr. Fowler says he finds Paslov’s opinions offensive. I find Fowler’s misguided opinion on terrorism and torture to be offensive. Refusing to research the truth about the last eight years is no excuse to keep spewing out the same right-wing propaganda that has been debunked as a pack of lies.

The American public spoke loud and clear last November. Immoral and bankrupt conservative ideology was thrown out like yesterday’s garbage. Those still clinging to it and trying their best at revisionist history are doomed to stay on that right-wing fringe for a long time. Greedy capitalists goaded on by “conservatives without conscience” got us into this mess.

Indeed some necessary federal government oversight, sprinkled with some compassionate socialism, just might do the trick. At any rate, it will certainly spoil some tea parties.


Carson City

Crossing guard watches

as the world goes by

I am a mobile stop sign, i.e. a school crossing guard. Today was the last time I’ll cross several children who will be advancing to middle school. I have crossed some of them everyday since they began kindergarten. My, how the years have flown.

They came to school today looking so grown up in their “celebration” attire. I must admit, I became a little misty-eyed several times today thinking about it. I would like to thank all the thousands of drivers who respectfully obey the school zone speed limits each and every day, knowing that they not only obey the law but they keep our most precious resource safe – our children and our grandchildren.

I never can understand how some drivers can whip through the school zone at 30 to 40 miles per hour and think it’s OK, sometimes driving right through the crosswalk when I’m standing there with my stop sign held up high. I can only hope these children graduating today will grow up to emulate the good citizens who choose to obey the law and make our community a great place to live.

I know my school, Fremont Elementary, as well as the other schools in our community, try to teach good citizenship. Let’s all try to make our actions teach the same.


Carson City

Something happened

on the way to Congress

President Barack Obama was elected mainly because he stood for real change. Something happened on the way to Congress, and now the energy plan they are working with is a toothless paper dragon.

Oil and coal lobbyists have weakened the bill to the point that it wouldn’t require any more clean energy than we already have decided upon. It would repeal part of the Clean Air Act, so that power plants can’t be held accountable. The health of our planet is at stake. We can’t let Congress pass this bill as a new energy bill. It’s the same old thing in new clothing.