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Letters to the editor 6-20

Hey, try looking up to

see changes in the air

Where is the outcry, where is the outrage? Have we not looked away from our televisions, out to our beloved valley for so long that we don’t see the travesty?

Desert Research Institute and PG&E are openly conducting weather modification projects all throughout Northern California and Northern Nevada as I write this letter. They are admittedly spraying fine particulate heavy metals into the sky above our homes.

Take any day of the week and just watch the sky. Watch as the jet streams start at one end of the valley, extend to the other, and slowly spread out into what DRI calls “thin cirrus,” but is actually a hazy cocktail of silver iodide and acetone as admitted by DRI, as well as many other toxic substances as indicated by analysis of morning dew samples in some Northern California locations.

After watching the patterns for the day, you can go to DRI’s Cloud Seeding Program Web site (infrequently updated) and find a map showing the exact same patterns you witnessed all day long. While you’re there, you can get some more info on their weather modification programs. Don’t stop there. If you go to http://www.dri.edu, you can access their up-to-date project page to see all the lovely experiments they’re conducting.

Some helpful Google search terms are: “geoengineering,” “dri cloud seeding,” “PG&E cloud seeding” and “northern nevada weather modification.” You’re told your SUV is responsible for climate change, while these organizations change climates deliberately.


Carson City

For heaven’s sake,

use your brain and read

What puzzles me is how the bulk of commentators who get their views published still are mouthing the same old views that got us into this filthy mess.

I’m 92 years old. I remember all the economic debacles. This one is the worst example of pillage by exploitation and abuse of the capitalistic system that I can remember.

Am I the only person of this county who reads what is available to read and know in this still “free to know” republic? Either take the time to read what is verified and referenced, the published facts about the abuses and thievery of the corporations and legislators of the past 20-plus years or shut up.

A few references from my personal library for those myopic handwringers are: “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, by John Perkins; “The World is Flat,” by Thomas L. Friedman; “What Terrorists Want,” Louise Richardson; and “Megatrends,” by John Naisbitt.

These are all reputable, seekers of truth and responsible loyal Americans with passionate belief in our citizens’ rights to know and conviction of our peoples’ willingness to rise up and be heard, given the truth and courage to defy the lies and the persuasion to make us all become afraid of each other, based upon our ethnicity, our religious tenets or our economic situations.

I know we can do better given we use the minds God gave us and read, for God’s sake, read.


Carson City

Who’s to blame?

I agree, in general, with Mr. Fowler’s letter of June 17 regarding Dr. Eugene Paslov.

He states, “His ( Dr. Paslov) background in education is very complete, and justifies his commentary regarding education.”

While Dr. Paslov has a very impressive resume per http://www.david

sonacademy.unr.edu, one should consider that he was State Superintendent of Public Instruction from 1985 to 1994.

Currently, and for the past years, we have been reading about the large number of high school seniors that have had to take remedial classes in English and mathematics upon entering college.

Is this the legacy he has left the State of Nevada?