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Letters to the editor 6-21

Time to show off

the red, white and blue

The Fourth of July is soon upon us and I hope some of my friends and neighbors are ready for it.

Some neighborhoods are great, but the majority are not. What better time to teach your children patriotism and know how lucky we are to live in America.

We have our faults, but we are so much better off than the rest of the world.

To too many it is just another day off from work.

But friends get out, get a flag, make a big to-do with your children in putting it up and show your pride in our country.


Carson City

Few have done harm

to many in short order

This is an open letter to Congress. Shame on you. If you have served (and I use that word with regret, because the only one you are serving are yourselves) more than two terms, you are part of the problem.

Gas prices are once again on the rise, just shy of $3 (as I write this). And you still will not allow us to use our own vast resources. You much rather want to keep us in debt to those countries who would do us harm. Shame on you.

You have no morals … i.e.: Sen. John Ensign admitted to an affair. What’s wrong with you people?

The majority of our representatives have committed crimes that would lock up the average person on the street. And they have no problem passing ridiculous laws that they can not abide.

The time has come to throw them out. If they have been in longer than two terms, kick them out.

And that’s just about the whole lot of them. We need somebody who will actually defend the Constitution, not see how far they have to go to get around it.

Never have so few screwed up so many in so little time.

Shame on you. Now get out.


Carson City