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Letters to the editor 6-25

Are we still free?

Freedom, lots of people talk about how we got our freedom, but do we still have that freedom in today’s society? To answer this question, we don’t. It’s been overrun by what we call a free government.

A few examples of the freedoms that are diminished are: Speech, protesting and what we can do in this country. Now, one might say that we have freedom of speech but yet all throughout my high school years I wasn’t allowed to cuss. Even now at some public places and work sites one has to watch what they say, or they will be taken away for disturbing the peace. This to me proves that we don’t have freedom of speech, because one can’t say what they want.

To move on to protesting, yes we can protest but with restrictions. We can only protest if it is friendly. So how much freedom do we really have? Now, even some places in California won’t let people smoke inside their own homes, or cars. If you ask me, we don’t have very much freedom at all.

One would look at this and say that we can do all these things if we really want, the catch is that a person has the right to do them, but they will pay for doing them. I didn’t know that life had so many rules. So do we really have freedom or is it just the rule-makers telling us that we are free?


Silver Springs

Residents offer help

to owners of lost dog

While hiking Saturday morning in the Silver Saddle Ranch area, our dog disappeared into the sage. After a full day of searching, we have still not found him. We wanted to send a heartfelt “Thank You” to all the people we encountered, especially the ones who volunteered their help Saturday during our search for Rebel.

One person we spoke to even called back to check on us, and offered horses and ATVs for the search. We also got tremendous support from Gary at Silver Saddle Ranch. We are new to this area, and are impressed by the caring community. We continue to hope that we will find him.


Carson City