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Letters to the editor 6-4

What works in Iowa

may not work here

As usual, our Legislature has decided to play Monte Hall on the budget, instead of rolling up their sleeves and doing the hard work. The result is yet another “camel by committee,” a budget that raises taxes, reduces services and preserves the sacred cows (all of those pet projects and programs).

It is time to zero base the Nevada budget (take out a blank sheet of paper and force ourselves to discuss our priorities). Dump the entitlements and ask ourselves what our needs really are.

And here’s a thought, let’s ask the taxpayers what’s important to them (not the special interests). In business, when you don’t please the customers who write the checks, you soon have no business. In government, there remains the view that you can endlessly abuse the customers (taxpayers) for the benefit of legislators, employees and their favorite constituencies. This is because government is a monopoly (which is of course illegal in business).

Here’s a suggestion: Put the Nevada Commission to Reconstruct the V&T Railway out of business and sell off the track to an operator.

After 15 years and more than $40 million taxpayer dollars spent, not one revenue-producing train has run. Given the opportunity to run trains this year, the commission took a pass (because they know the seats would be empty). This is the definition of failure.

“Build it and They Will Come” may have worked in an Iowa cornfield … but, then he actually finished the field.



Lyon County does not

need a rocket scientist

It is beyond belief that the sheriff, county manager and the commissioners cannot see the cost savings of building a jail and law enforcement center in Silver Springs; it is the halfway point for the entire county.

Remodeling the old jail is a waste of taxpayer dollars as is building the jail in Yerington. When arrests are made in Dayton and Fernley it does not take a rocket scientist to realize the cost in gas, wear and tear on vehicles, overtime costs and lack of law enforcement coverage while driving to Yerington. Building a jail in Dayton, even though the land is donated, creates the same problem. The county has land in Silver Springs which should be utilized.

The county manager and commissioner have already made a huge mistake by eliminating the code enforcement position; please do not compound your bad decisions.