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Letters to the editor 6-4

Shelter volunteer defends animal services practices

I’m writing regarding a recent Reno television station story involving allegations made about the Lyon County Animal Services shelter.

We have had the opportunity to help animal services out as witnesses in an animal cruelty case and have also adopted dogs from the shelter.

Let me tell you that the officers there are outstanding. Officer JoAnn Smith and former Officer Joe Mainwaring went above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with severely starving horses, donkeys, llamas and goats.

Allegations of abuse? Watching the two of them deal with these animals, showing the greatest amount of tenderness and compassion was a wonderful thing in the midst of horror.

Officer Smith put together an amazing file for the district attorney to prosecute the offender.

The news story mentioned no food or water at the shelter. We’ve made a lot of trips out there over the past six months and have seen the kennels being hosed down regularly. Covered kennels. The news also reported that there were no shelters.

For a time there were two horses in the corral at the shelter. I always saw numerous bales of good quality alfalfa stacked there.

When I adopted my last dog, there were five or six to choose from. All were in great shape; plump, friendly and frisky. Obviously, food was coming from somewhere. No signs of abuse or beatings there.

From what we’ve seen there the television story was way off base, and it sounds like the former officer is a little disgruntled.


Silver Springs

Mark your calendar

for the next Follies

If you missed the 2009 Senior Follies at the Community Center this past weekend, put it on your schedule for next year. Great music, great talents, sometimes great voices. The sax solo was sensational along with the emcee and the Carson City Golden Girls.