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Letters to the editor 6-7

Anger is brewing

for profound betrayal

My husband and I took part in the tea party (Taxed Enough Already) in Carson City April 15.

Mr. Ingals and Mr. Campbell stated perfectly who tea party supporters are and why we showed up. They expressed our views calmly, articulately and rationally. There was no “anger and hatred” in their letters, and there was none at the demonstration. There was “freedom of assembly” and “freedom of speech.” Do these offend Dr. Paslov? A man of his education and stature should exhibit more understanding and tolerance.

“Ugly”? We saw and heard no ugliness at the tea party. The subject matter was serious, but the mood was festive. At the event’s conclusion, I asked a police officer on the grounds how it had gone. He said there wasn’t a single “incident.” Everyone was well behaved. This, he said, is what America is all about.

Dr. Paslov, you can denigrate our efforts as much as you like. You can insult us, demonize us and marginalize us. But we will not go away. Anger is brewing: This is a deeply felt anger, more a sense of profound betrayal, felt intensely by so many – not just one party, age group, gender or race. We are not about to let politicians like Obama or any “Republican” (RINO) throw away what our Founding Fathers gave their entire lives to establish. If that scares you, it should.

What scares me is educated people like you who don’t share our grave concerns but resort to simplistic and absurd name-calling.


Washoe Valley

Reid, Ensign taking irrational position on Yucca Mountain

What happens to our elected officials in Washington? A case in point – the irrational position both Reid and Ensign have taken toward Yucca Mountain. They parrot the same “red-herrings” the anti-Yucca people and much of the media have provided which are based on emotion not fact.

Transportation: There have been more than 1,000 nuclear tests conducted by the U.S. and far more nuclear weapons in storage, aboard aircraft and transported all over the world that have been delivered by many modes of transport and there has never been an accident.

These weapons contain nuclear material far more dangerous than spent fuel rods from reactors.

Storage: The spent fuel rods from reactors are currently being stored in single layer casks near the reactor, usually under tarps, often in water filled sumps instead of the multi-layered containers in the very dry underground conditions at Yucca, well protected from the minuscule amount of ground water in Southern Nevada.

Earthquakes: many of the spent fuel rods are stored at reactors which are within the destruction zone from the New Madrid fault – which had the largest earthquake in U.S. history. That fault is still very active. The Yucca containers are “quake proof” designed so they can fall off a truck and not sustain damage.

Security: it has to be much better to have the nuclear material stored in a single place which is easily defended rather than the much less defensible 100 sites as they are now.



Obama right on the mark with speech in Cairo

Three cheers for President Obama’s Cairo speech. It is about time the this country considered its roots in our Constitution and spoke out for those who are oppressed in Palestine. The State of Israel can never be considered democratic when it has no constitution and a two class system of treating those who live there and in the Occupied Territories. I suggest the best way to get Israel’s attention to not expand settlements in the Occupied Territories is to not send any more military aid until the country complies.

That should get their attention. Israel should also remove settlers from the West Bank as they did with the settlers in Gaza, remove them completely.


Martinez, Calif.