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Letters to the Editor 6/12

Speak up for what’s right, or risk losing freedoms

Soccer, unadulterated, is one of the most beautiful and exciting sports there is on the planet. If taught correctly, character can be learned, and it builds agility and strength. For the fan, the anticipation can sometimes be indescribable.

However, when simple rules, such as not allowing a player to attack with the body or the extended arm, are not adhered to, the game becomes frustrating for the fan and can be demoralizing to the children playing the game.

Some parents let things go unsaid. To some this is an admirable quality. Sen. Ted Kennedy, when eulogizing Robert Kennedy said his brother “saw a wrong and tried to right it.” What discourages me the most is that many of these people will, through apathy, enable President Obama to take this country down the road to Marxism. Keep our mouths closed now and we will never be able to speak in disagreement again.

I will say goodbye to the sport I once cherished, played, and officiated. My hope is that I don’t have to settle for the same with my country.



Soccer provides positive outlet after tragedy

There was a tournament for the competitive AYSO soccer league on May 30-31. A wonderful 10-year-old boy lost his father (a very involved AYSO coach and volunteer) in a freak pool accident that week. This young boy came to the tournament two days after his father passed to play in honor of his father.

Not only did this boy and his Galaxy team play in the tournament but against all odds went on to win the tournament for the under-10 age bracket. To Eddie Porter (the 10-year-old boy), you are the bravest boy I know and your father is so proud of you. We will always have your family in our hearts and prayers.

To the wonderful coaches Frank, Greg and Victor of the Strikers, Pumas and the tournament winners the Galaxy, a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for putting in so much time with these soccer boys and being such a great role models to so many kids. Most of all, thank you for showing so much compassion and empathy to the Porter family in their time of need. Page is smiling big time for all.


Carson City

Gov. Gibbons did his best for Nevadans

Gov. Jim Gibbons is correct. The Horsford-Buckley huge tax increases will do major damage to the already fragile Nevada economy.

First, it will take huge sums of money from the fragile economy leaving the citizens less money to spend for goods and services that support jobs and pay taxes. (Businesses do not pay taxes – they collect the money from their customers and give it to the state.)

Second, with higher taxes and less consumer spending, more businesses will have to lay off more employees or simply close their doors, putting still more people out of work.

Third, with more people out of work there will be more foreclosures.

All Nevada citizens will suffer in a longer and deeper recession.

Horsford and Buckley and the 2009 Legislature have failed Economics 100 while Gov. Gibbons understood the economics and did his best to do the right thing for the citizens of Nevada.

Thank you Gov. Gibbons for your efforts to protect the citizens of Nevada.